Tuesday, November 19, 2013

You Fail At PS4 If...

Fail Day! That time of the week again. Isn't it weird that some may interpret that sentence in a completely different way while others are cheering in the background. Did most of you pickup your PS4 this past weekend? Did you enjoy the gaming madness which went on because of it? Regardless time to discuss fail.

You Fail At PS4 If...
  • You are honestly unaware what the P and the S stand for
  • You are patiently waiting for an Xbox One
  • You look around the room when you hear "the voice"
  • You downloaded and tried to play your PS1 classics
  • You listened to the reviews of Knack
  • You purchased CoD Ghosts for your PS4
  • You don't sit back and watch the sand in ACIV
  • Your lack of PS3 trophy conversion doesn't anger you
  • You were unaware it was not backwards compatible
  • You cannot find the headphone port on the system
  • You didn't thank Nintendo for PS4's existence
  • You don't think the new UI is awesome
  • You would not buy a PS4 just to play the newly announced Uncharted
  • You do not turn the box into a shrine
and finally
  • You don't have a PS4
There you have it this week's edition of Fail. Hope you all enjoyed it and happy PS4ing


  1. Sad thing is people will still get the New Xbox even if the exclusives to it are some of the most depressing games available

  2. Will be waiting till the new year to pick mine up. Might even go down slightly in price