Friday, November 1, 2013

Kinds of Stupid

Friday! Yes it is that time of the week and also just one week until Blizzcon. I know I am pretty excited for the reveals as I assume a bunch of you are as well. We can all feel better that the wait is almost over. Being Friday though it does mean it is time for the Reader Post. I must say the posts received are actually getting more and more interesting. So much that I have recommend to a lot of the writers they should really start their own blogs. Just keep up with reading mine though.

For awhile I have been having an exchange back and forth with Morae when we got on the topic of how to treat stupid people within games. I thought this response was quite thought provking and was worht sharing with all of you.

Death threats, ect. are going too far. That should be clear. Personally, though, I want people to know when they sucked. I'm not saying stuff like death threats is right or nothing should be done about it, but I'd personally disregard it. 

If people suck, they need to at least have chance to know about it. I rarely get angry, but there have been several cases. I might spout mild insults, yes. Though, so far every time when I have got angry like that or even a few times before I get angry, I try will tell them what they are doing wrong and give them examples in hope that they listen and didn't simply understand. This has worked many times. Like this one time I was helping a black mage who didn't know how to use fire spells so he was just casting ice. I told him how to rotate between the fire and ice buffs and that way do more damage. This black mage actually started trying it out and for the rest of the dungeon he did do much better (not even nearly perfectly, but still much better).

In other cases some people are ignorant and rather stupid. This one time I was simply telling this guy that a fate had been changed and it was now supposed to be done to be done correctly. He was incapable of reading or believing it so I just went about my business I simply just forget that he even existed. There are stupid people in this world and some of them will be playing the games you do too. With my examples I want to merely say that there are different kinds of stupid people and getting angry is understandable. If the person is "good stupid" they learn and generally don't spout too bad stuff. Then there are the "bad stupid" which, in my opinion, should be just completely ignored and in some cases reported.

Thanks again to Morae and everyone else who sent in a post this week. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I think many people go overboard a lot of the time because there is no consequence. That is the beauty of the Internet isn't it?

  2. Sometimes people are just stupid. You just learn to realize this