Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ask Gauss

Sunday it is, which means it is time for Ask Gauss. This has been quite a week or shall I say weekend WoW wise. I guess many of you can tell that based upon yesterday's posting. I will try not to let all of this effect me too much, but it does make for some great blog topics and posts. So now as is custom with Ask Gauss I will look through my list here and make a choice on which to answer.

Do you consider yourself a top player?

I found this question rather interesting. Why? Mostly because people are not going to say they are a bad player. Or if they do, that is beyond a little weird, and most likely play a warlock and hate life. Anyways, I believe I play and know my class very well. This doesn't just include standing in place and mindlessly mashing my rotation, because anyone can really do that. I also know I could get higher numbers on boss fights based on the fact that all of the things I do at the moment. I raid lead so I have to watch exactly what is going on. I have to give queues to dps, healers, tanks etc. This of course hurts my own personal numbers. I also tend to do jobs that people are not fond of because they hurt what seems to be the performance that everyone looks at. This includes interrupts, add management, kiting, and anything else you can think of. I think this makes me a team player and someone that uses every possible mechanic their class can for the success of the encounter. So if I am being modest then yes I believe I am a top player.

With 4.0 hitting the PTR servers what is your plan?

Well truth be told I expect there to be a lot of testing with it, but let's go over it anyway. This first of all is only the talent trees, new glyphs, and the reworking of stats and abilities. This will still be the non dragonfied Azeroth. This may or may not include Archaelogy as JC wasn't included in 2.0, but Inscription was included in 3.0. When this all goes down and that is not a joke with the servers crashing when it goes live. I Will try to use with what we have to go on with raiding and such. Of course there will be plenty of Pre-Cataclysm events that will be going on, which of course will serve as a distraction to everyone. So really as I suspect some raiding will start when 4.0 hits, but it will fade into the distance where people, including myself, will want to enjoy what is going on. On another note I refuse to log into the PTR as a small payback for not getting into beta. Still looking for that invite, maybe it will happen...

What are you not looking forward to face boss wise?

I can tell you my face isn't looking forward to facing a watermelon.

That is it for this week. Thank you to everyone who submitted something. As always if you would like your question featured just send it along to have a chance. Also next week's Reader Post will be about your best/worst guild invite/departure stories.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


  1. I love when people say that. If I am on adds my dps will go down. I reply "if you don't dps adds everyone will die"

  2. I laughed at the thing about people who claim they suck...because I claim that all the time. Then I finished the sentence. I'm a warlock :(