Thursday, September 16, 2010

Server Fail

I don't know about the non-Llaners among the Nation, and what happened on your servers, but Llane last night took a dump in the middle of our raid. So much so that I had to go ahead and cancel the raid. I also didn't actually hear when the servers themselves came back online, but I do know that it was all of the Chicago data centre servers which were all that were effected or blown up, whichever you prefer.

Raid was canceled without issues, which is probably due to it being the end of an expansion. Many are nearing that point where I don't want to do anything besides raid, and maybe not even into that much anyway at the current moment. This got me thinking and asking the question, isn't this a great time to have a data centre failure? People will be less inclined to complain, demand refunds, or go crazy and threaten to murder their neighbours if the servers don't come back online within the next 10 minutes.

Now I am in no way saying some of this didn't go on, because it probably did, but I can only assume it was much less than normal. So let's think for a moment, I know for some of you this will be hard, but stay with me. If you were going to do some last minute maintenance or something of that nature without saying anything wouldn't now be the perfect time to do such a thing? Now I am not accusing anyone of anything, but it does seem quite possible doesn't it?

Let the conspiracy begin...


  1. Oh man Gauss what have you done.

  2. >.>

    Chicago data centers?


    I don't know anything about that.

    For the record, it forced us to cancel a planned joint venture. I wound up getting an alt to level 11. (woo hoo!) I still maintain if they would quit trying to stuff a raccoon into a hamster wheel we'd all be better off.