Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tier 11 Warrior Concept

So I realize that this is just a concept piece and that things could change, but doesn't this look badass? Now the shoulders do kind of look like some shaman gear that I have seen before, I just can't think of which. Also in appears in some spots that it looks more mail than plate. Now I am hoping that this is just an artistic representation of it and not what it will be when implemented. I like how they are going crazy with the Deathwing Jaw/Chin thing, and I will give Blizzard another chance to make a warrior set with a horn. The whole Wrath set and feel the power of the banana thing its not like they could make it any worse than that.

Now for everyone asking well I don't play a warrior what about my concept art. Now I would like nothing better to say than sorry warriors are awesome and your class fails so I am ignoring your concept pieces, especially pallies. But alas they just aren't available yet. This is probably because of what I just said anyways. Warriors are awesome and why not start with the best.

Wait a second there appears to be a hunter concept. Read back a few lines and that can be my reason for not posting it.

Enjoy your slaying of Internet pixels!


  1. That does look sweet

  2. Just for that one comment, I'm going to wish this comes in puce and teal. ;)


  3. looks alot like that boss tarvok. also the hunter one isnt that bad makin them look like a murlock. mabey shamans will get lucky for once and get gear that isnt gay i truly hope all the gear gets this Dark/evil looking gear.

  4. The thing I'd like to see is how they animate those characters. I can do the drawing and coloring but the rendering part, it'll surely took months to complete.