Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Gauss Whisperer

So I probably get whispered more than most people. I actually have a mod that sorts whispers based upon if they are in guild, on my friends list, Real ID, or their respective level. I also have this thing with not ignoring people. I always give people the chance to say what they have to say. If I don't agree with it then that is life. This includes even those farmers talking to me like they are my bud then try to sell me gold. You would be surprised how fun these people are to talk to. So without awaiting any longer I have decided to define some types of the people that whisper me.

The Clueless: This is the type of person that whispers me right when I log on no matter what time or day of the week and ask me if I am doing invites for For The Horde. These are also the people who whisper me what "that" is when I put Pi up in trade chat. The cake is when these people ask you to tank the weekly when you are in ICC. These are the people that cause you to fear for the future existence of the world.

The Follower: These are the people that whisper you in the city and follow you around while they are talking to you. It is as if these people have the need to be right beside you while the whisper is going on. This is not only pointless, but is rather creepy and makes me want to distance myself from you in the quickest way possible.

The Oops: These are the people that "accidentally" invite you instead of inspect you. They then whisper you sorry and then begin talking to you and explaining their life story. The proceed to have a story about every piece of gear they have or need and relate it to every piece of yours. These are the people that I wouldn't be surprised to hear they shot up a shopping mall because someone reminded them of that Boomkin that took his cloth boots.

The Fanboy: These are the people that whisper me and ask "are you really Gauss?" I always try to think of interesting ways to answer this question. I don't know what gave it away besides the fact that you had to type /w Gauss. They proceed to tell me about all the things they think I do which they think is awesome, which is great, but I really can't get passed the fact they asked if I was really Gauss.

The Long Lost: These conversations always start with "Do you remember me?" Now I have come into a lot of contact with people over the years and I can't be expected to remember everyone. Now I obviously don't want to make people feel like crap if I don't remember them. Well that is not always true. If I had a bad day just hope you are not one of these people. So I try in most cases to get them to carry the conversation to see if I can actually jog something. Now when it gets to something like "I did the daily with you once", "Or this one time you did FTH", "I came to an old school run with you", "You laughed at me for being a noob". These are the times I honestly think how am I supposed to be expected to remember you. These are the people are mislead by the world revolving around something that is not them.

The WTFer: These are the people that whisper me instantly after I say something which they cannot believe I have said. They go on to say "I can't say that" and go on and on about how they are going to report me and make sure I get banned. These people are the people that complain they are offended by calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree.

The Cheerleader: These are the people that applaud or cheer me on to keep going when I am on a roll. These are the people that are most likely members of the Nation and want to see the gold keep flowing and wouldn't be hear without them.

That is it for today and summer is just about officially over so maybe that will bring you some luck in your raids tonight.


  1. LOL I can't get by the title "The Gauss Whisperer" that is awesome

  2. LMAO at the follower

  3. You should keep track of how many of each type you get in a week and then create a, wait for it....

    pie chart.


    (I'm dead, right?)