Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ask Gauss

Happy Sunday everyone, the first Sunday of the fall season. Makes me feel like I should take a Sunday drive and take a look at all the leaves outside. Although since it is pouring outside that is probably not the best idea. Anyways, with it being Sunday that means it is time for Ask Gauss. The time of the week where I go through and answer some questions that have come my way for the week. So here goes.

With Wrath coming to an end, when is it a good time to dump everything on the Auction House?

Well I completely agree with Macro over at Just My Two Copper who says now is not the time. There are many people dumping everything they have on the AH because they don't want to be stuck with it. You can make great profits by buying a lot of these things up and can also make a lot of gold because people have stop posting things on the auction house in general. So this is a great time to take advantage of this. One thing to note is that certain items have been past expiry for awhile. Depending on the server, but I would think on most, ICC BoE epics have dropped like a rock in price. Either people have them , don't need them, or the gold is better spent somewhere else at the moment.

Also note that some items will have a higher value when the expansion actually hits so purging supply of them wouldn't be the best option. Remember leveling mats used for professions have a large value the first month or so of an expansion. Why? Because people switch professions constantly or are leveling them like mad in order to have toons with all required professions. Not to mention the inscription craze that will happen when 4.0 hits. There will be an insane amount of gold to be made when all those glyphs become available. So resist the urge for the time being it will be worth it in the end.

Your thoughts on the Worgen "mount"?

Well I played original WoW beta. I know it is hard to believe I actually got into that one. At that time Tauren had Plainstriding. I thought it was rather amusing, but the talk was that it was going to be hard to balance, which is weird because of cast times. Logically it makes sense for Worgens to be able to run as a wolf, but to me that is not the real reason they have this as their "mount". If they had a race mount what would it be? Horse is taken they can't really replicate that would be unfair. You could argue a Mastief, but then it doesn't really fit well at all. So really this came down to a choice of their being no real choice. What sucks though is that the other Alliance races don't get a chance to gain this mount as the Horde will with Goblins. This also makes me think there will not be an increase on the 100 mount achievement, since it would be unfair comparing available mounts to the Horde and Alliance.

What do you think about the constant Ret Pally complaining going on about them being underpowered for 4.0 and the expansion?

Don't ret pallies always complaing they are underpowered? Honestly I would be more concerned if no pally was complaining.

That is it for this week. As always if you want your question answered, it cannot be done if I don't get it. Next week's Reader Post will be about the best stories you have for people complaining about loot. You will have till Thursday night to get those submissions in. I just have a feeling it will be quite an amusing post.

Enjoy your Sunday and your slaying of internet pixels.


  1. I was starting to think the pally jokes were ending it was making me sad.

  2. This is why it is great to be horde we get a damn 3 wheeler!