Friday, September 3, 2010

A Year Of Gaussafication

It is true, one year ago today was the day this blog began. I started this blog based on some things friends said that I have this charisma that people just attach themselves too. I said I would give it a go as I am not the best writer even if I have stories to tell. I told them I would give it a couple months and see how it would go. The blog itself has never really had a focus, I just talk about what is on my mind for the day in relation to World of Warcraft. Hence, how I came up with the name dealing with my daily adventures. I was surprise how so may people liked what I had to say. Tells upon tells of people telling me that they made reading my blog a part of their daily routine.

At the end of the 2 months I was asked if I was going to continue with it. Frankly, I was pretty hooked to it after the first couple weeks. Who knows I would have so much crap to throw around about basically nothing every single day. This was also when I was approached by who wanted to do a piece on me. Never would I imagined myself doing an interview based on a character I play in a video game. I have always been the Pi Guy out in the real world, and now I was immortalized in WoW as the Pi Guy as well. After the interview if I thought I was busy WoW wise I had no clue. It had expanded beyond Llane and now across servers and all over the world. People would log on just to talk with me, all for me just being an opinionated in your face guy that just says whatever is on his mind.

Of course, I have gotten my share of hate mail dealing with things I have said that may have been offensive. Of course, the way I see it is everyone always agreeing with you means either you aren't saying anything worth a damn or everyone is afraid of you and what could happen if they do not. Regardless, people have kept on coming every day to read about fails, guild relations, raiding, exploring, rants, and who can forget unheard of actions. This blog would be nothing without the people that have made it what it has been. Every post I write I want to write something that people can get something out of, whatever that will be. If someone says to me "That was awesome man", "great post today", "I'll be sure to keep on reading". All of those things keep me going in addition to the "Did you really say that?", "Are you that stupid?", "Do you think people give a crap about anything you say?".

I like to thank everyone who has linked to me, who told others of what I am trying to do here. When I actually figure out what that exactly is then maybe I will have a better explanation. To all of the visitors to this blog over the past year, which have amassed over 500,000 page views from 86 different countries I thank you. I will do my best to make this next year even better than the first. Special thanks to Kevin and Rich for getting me started, Three Score for being an awesome guild, Lisa from for the worldly attention, and finally Bagellord for showing us how awful some WoW players can actually be.


  1. Congrats man. I hope you keep it going for a long time.

  2. /cheer


    and "here! here!"


  3. big grats hope there is much more to come

  4. Happy year Anniversary Gauss - keep it coming.

  5. Hope you are around for awhile you give me all the stories to tell my coworkers lol

  6. Congrats and I know there will be many more years to come

  7. Grats on 1 year blogging and 5 for your guild! That is an achievement indeed.