Monday, September 6, 2010

Tomorrow It Ends

So today is the last day before the kids go back to school, and what does this mean? Well it means that the Blood Elf dancing crew will be leaving Orgrimmar and will return at a time when I will never be in Orgrimmar. It will mean that I will probably stop being asked for guild invites by level 20s looking to get into ICC so they can get awesome gear and raise their gearscores to what they say is "the better side of awesome". There will also be less people asking for gold because they cannot repair their gear. There will be no more applications to the guild which say "I can stay up late because it is summer and my mom lets me raid".

So as we look back at the summer which it has been and how we were driven mad by the 12 year old who couldn't hold aggro in that random. We think about the times that were. The 13 year old Mexican who couldn't shut up on vent during a For The Horde, the healer who took 5 breaks in a random because his mom was calling him, the tank who entered the HoR heroic with a broken shield, and the Pally I convinced the Crimson Deathcharger was obtained by getting exalted with the DK starting area. These are just a few of the beauties from this past summer. So as I am happy that I will be dealing with less 12 year olds, but it also makes me sad that I will have less things to laugh at. So I give thanks to all the retarded 12 year olds that have made me fear for the future of the world.

Enjoy your holiday.


  1. They have been back to school for a bit here, but I understand your point.

  2. You really convinced a pally that raising their rep with the DK area got you the crimson death charger?........ Why am I not surprised. xD