Friday, September 10, 2010

How Noob Of Me

So I noticed that I forgot to state what the topic was for the Reader Post this week. So that is a complete fail on my part. Therefore I decided to take a bunch of stories that people have sent me and throw them all together. Hope you enjoy them.

So we did the raid weekly, EoE, in record time. We actually like the instance. Now that we've got it almost to farm, it's the kind of thing we drag new guild members to because if you can't follow directions in Phase 3, you won't be able to follow them in Ulduar. Plus, we want the drake. We've seen it once. I had a brain fart moment when I couldn't remember how to get out of the place when we were done. The MT pipes up, "See the red down arrow, Gimm? You just click on it. Don't be so dumb." There are some things I will never live down.

I was with 2 friends. Our level and gear was probably a bit high for this instance since we practically three manned it. This is because the two people we got were the worst noobs I've ever seen. Being a player that has made a lot of mistakes I usually have lots of patients for people learning the game but OMG: First guy was a level 18 pally that didn't know how to play a pally or the instance but signed up to be the group leader, the tank and the healer. He got the healer slot. Luckly my friend was a Pally tank that could heal himself because our "healer" could not figure out how to target friendly players... He would wind up a big heal and POOF! Cast it on himself the whole instance. Guy number 2 was a mage that thought it was ok to need on every roll. So we needed to trade every time he took the wrong gear... at least he traded it. But the kicker was he didn't cast a SINGLE spell the entire time. Yes the MAGE thought it was best to melee it entire instance with his staff. We ask why aren't you casting damage spells? So he gave one frost bolt a try... I guess he didn't like the result so he went right back to melee... The perfect ending was that they requested to continue doing more randoms at the end of the run after saying many times in party chat "What a great group!!!" We simply said no thanks and left.

I only learned what talent points were when i hit about 50. Vanilla needed more invasive tooltips.... and if there were, i needed to learn2read

I was just starting an alt in Teldrassil, got past the noob area of the zone and grabbed cooking. While killing birds for the eggs they drop, some guy comes up and starts scolding me in very broken english (he sounded a lot like a chinese friend of mine so I understand the language thing) about how I should not kill the birds, and how they are our friends, that is why they have yellow name plates.

Uhh well when I was leveling my undead character I'd always accidentally come across the NPC's by scarlet monastery and think they were actual alliance players because every time they speak it'd come up in [Common] and they had the alliance shields next to their names (or so i had thought) and they always like one shotted me. I'd sit there calling them names thinking I was actually talking to somebody.And one time I was having this argument with one guy in the blood elf starting zone and he was fighting with me in General chat while I was fighting with him in /say chat and some guy went on general chat and called me some name so I fought with him for a good 10 minutes not realizing that everything I'm saying wasn't getting to him because he was talking in general chat and I was talking in /say chat and I didn't know how to talk in general chat or trade chat.

On my first toon (this one, as a matter of fact), I decided it would be fun to explore. I got all the way to Lakeshire when I realized the mobs were level 20. I was level 6 (and awesome). In a panic, I called my boyfriend (who'd been playing much longer) and asked him how to escape quickly. Mobs were closing in on all sides. He said: "Yeah, uhhh, you better use your hearthstone!". After much bag searching, I found it. I was quite excited! So excited that I deleted it by accident.

When trying out a mage character I would walk backwards after freezing the enemy. I posted on the forums asking what key people bind backwards walking to, saying how the down arrow and "s" key seemed inconvenient. I also stated how the space bar worked well, but then I couldn't find a good button for jumping. People seemed very interested in my post, and I was very confused when reading responses such as "10/10" and "would read again".

So this Sunday I will give a real topic for next week's reader post. Also for future reference try to tell me I am a dumbass before Thursday night.


  1. That last one is pretty pro lol

  2. Oh! Oh! Can I do it, please? Is it too early? It's not Thursday night.

    Gauss, you're a dumbass.

    See you tomorrow. I'll be the dead one in the corner.