Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Favourite Random NPC

So someone sent me a question asking me who was my favourite non essential NPC was. You know not someone who actually matters, but that person who is just there and you are like ya he/she is awesome. You wave to them, cheer, or play the world's smallest violin whenever you pass by. So of course I put on my thinking cap and started to wonder who this actually was. So I came up with these.

Goblin on the Tundra Mammoth: I don't know if you have ever read what this guy says when you kick him off the mammoth, but it is pretty funny and amusing. So much so that I tend to completely ignore the troll girl sitting in the other seat every time I have to use a vendor on my mount. Some of my favourite sayings are "I always wanted to be stranded somewhere" and"Our friendship is over!". So next time you see someone's mammoth up, give this guy a wave just to let him know you know he exists.

Shoe Shiner: I don't know if many of you know about this, but in the tailoring shop in Dalaran there is a guy who will shine your shoes for you if you sit in the chair upstairs. He asks you if you would like your shoes shined and regardless will do it anyway as long as you stay seated. After doing so you get a buff called "Shiny Shoes". I find this amusing because I don't wear shoes, but whatever this guy is awesome.

Night Elf at the bottom of the ramp in the Temple of the Moon: I have no idea what her name is nor what she sells or does. All I know is during every For The Horde raid it is a race to see who can kill her first. Many a times has my heroic throw connected to this poor night elf's face. If someone actually wants to tell me her purpose is it may make this weekly event even more special.

That is all I can think of at the moment. What are your favourite useless or non essential NPCs? Send it along and tell me about it. Enjoy the nice weather we are having. Well at least the nice weather I am having, so if your weather is bad at least know I am enjoying mine.


  1. OMG no way now i have to go get my shoes buffed up for raids!

  2. The night elf you are referring too is probably Alaindia ( She sells reagents.