Friday, September 17, 2010

Guild Invite and Quiting Stories

Friday it is and time for this week's Reader's Post. This week I asked people to send in some stories of interesting guild invite/quit stories. Let's take a look at a few of them.

We invited this new priest to the guild and went into naxx. Our raiding schedule is till 23.30-00.00 ish. We cleared the 4 wings, and thought we'd take a poke at sapphiron, and call it after that (this was at 00:13) Unfortunately, this priest had to go at 00.00 sharp, and when we proceeded on Sapph, he left the guild saying "I cannot be in a guild that clears stuff after raid is scheduled to be over".

In the first year of SD's existence, we had a kid who was always bouncing off the walls, so to speak. He loved PvP but was a really lousy hunter. Even though he was often a nuisance, I took him under my wing and taught him to be better, referred him to web sites for gear info and hunter goodness. But he was still a nuisance. He thought any chat was his personal soap box and constantly talked. He would log onto Vent and we'd have to tell him to "Shut up" when giving boss strategies because he was always talking. Finally, I had a near mutiny on my hands when we were learning Molten Core. He was pulling stuff and talking over the raid leader. He couldn't just stop and listen. Of course, he would die, a lot, and then blame the healers. I had a talk with him and he said we were just too slow for him. He agreed. He then gave a 25 minute 'goodbye'. He went down the roster, which, mercifully, wasn't as big as it is now, and said something nice about every single toon in the guild. He talked about how much SD meant to him. He talked about his ADD and how it affected his life. He talked about WOW. He talked and he talked and he talked. Suggestions to just leave already were either ignored or missed. When he finally quit, people actually typed :::Cheer::: in chat.

Me: ??
Him: u wanna join my guild?
Me: I'm a bank alt...
Him: yeah i know, you could be our guild bank alt
Me: Sorry, I'm already someone else's bank alt
Him: oh ok

In one of my first guilds we had a couple both playing wow. They are very hardcore compared to the rest of us. The wife was really not friendly and left the guild. the man stayed in it, to help the guild become better. His wife kept complaining and at the end he left the guild saying: I am sorry guys, but not being in my wifes guild makes her annoyed all the time, and im sick of eating burned food when i have to cook for myself.

When I first started this character I was in Stormwind and I was /w asking if I wanted to join a guild with all the players my lever to do instances.Chatted with the guy for a bit and he seemed mature so I thought what the hell and joined.
This is a brief extract from the guild chat:
Drutoo joined the guild
Random member 1: I lk boobies to
Random member 2: yea boobies lol
guild leader: lets go and moon people in storm
Drutoo leaves the guild
I lasted about 10 seconds :)

This actually happened
XXX: Sorry guys, I've got cancer.
XXX has left the guild.
XXX removed from friends list because character no longer exists.

A: Hey Guys, whats the command for leaving guild? I forgot.
B has left the guild
C has left the guild
D: ./gquit
Rest of Guild: ... , LOL!
This all happened in a matter of about 1-2 seconds.

-A has joined the guild-
B: Hey
C: welcome
A: can i get guild bank access please
GM: why?
A: i need something
A: please
GM: what?
B: :/
A: please
A: something
-A has been removed from the guild-
C: But he needed something :(

Me: >comes online< Hi XXX.
XXX: hi.
Me: What're you up to then? :)
-no response for about 6 minutes, and I notice he's in a hc and figure he must be concentrating on that-
XXX: wtf
Me: What happened?
XXX: you know what happened.
Me: ... I do?
XXX: yeah where are your manners you didnt even say hi wtf?
Me: I did say hi, scroll up. You even replied so you must have seen it! :P
XXX: w/e that doesnt prove anything no wonder there are no other members online you are such a jerk (well, he said something else but means a similar thing).
Me: Um, it's really early. You can't expect other people to be online at this time. Especially if they're an hour behind or something.
XXX: w/e
-more silence-
XXX: omg! take a hint!! i ask you to say hi and even after i complain you do NOTHING wtf is your prob!
Me: Hi XXX!!!
XXX: wtf dont make fun of me! this guild sucks there are no members and you are all very very RUDE!
-XXX has left the guild-

That is it for this week hope you enjoyed them. As always nexts week's Reader Post topic will be given on Sunday during the Ask Gauss post. This is of course if I remember to post it.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. joining and asking for guild bank access can only be a bad thing lol