Monday, September 27, 2010

Ode To A Headset

So I know this will be a post that will be close to a lot of people, and just understanding what I am talking about will actually be rather amusing. So apparently the mic stopped working on my headset yesterday. The earphones work perfectly, which makes it even more frustrating. So now I have go through the whole rigmarole of going to pick up a new headset, but anyone who has gotten a new headset will have to realize the problems, which are going to occur.

I had that headset for almost a year meaning it was shaped nicely and comfortable to my head. A new headset is like a pair of pants you just took out of the dryer they just don't fit like you want them to. You fiddle with the headset try to stretch it mess around with it, but you realize you will just have to put up with it to make it work.

Secondly, you then have to go through the whole process of resetting your values of your inbound and outbound. That is also not just you but everyone else who listens to you on vent. So the whole "Can you hear me?", "OMFG way too loud", "I can't hear you, you're to quiet", "Is this good now?". Oh yes we all love these 10 minute plus conversations where nothing really gets done besides you wanting to smash your new headset and beg your old one to work again.

If you buy USB headsets like I do then you know they also have driver updates and all that crap to go through. I swear my headset drivers update more frequently than my graphics card. So you have to go through all that jazz. Of course many times you don't remember to update them until after you have adjusted all your volume settings, which means you get the joy of doing all that wonderful stuff again.

So I will miss you my dear Headset even if in frustration I chucked you against the wall it doesn't mean that I didn't love you.

Good Luck on your last day before reset.


  1. omg I hate when my headset stops working. You were lucky for oyurs to last that long. I thought I was the only one to throw them across the room when they stopped working lol. Good thing to know I am not crazy.

  2. When my husband and I bought our original headsets, he got one that goes behind the head and around the ears. I thought this was crazy! After all, glasses go behind the ears in that spot. Damn you and your perfect vision, husband!

    I had the unenviable task of finding a headset that was secure, yet did not squish my ears against my glasses frames in a painful way (after hours, it can be painful!)

    Between then and now, I got lasik. When my headset broke, I gleefully bought whatever headset I wanted without a care in the world about ear squishing or behind-the-ear real estate.

  3. OMG worst thing is when your headset breaks and you keep talking then bitch at everyone becasue no one is responding