Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Takin' Back What is Ours

So I knocked something else off my list yesterday in helping with the retaking of the Echo Isles. Being a lore buff I was not disappointed in the least. For those who haven't done it yet I strongly recommend it. It went pretty smooth for me expect for the fact it took like 10 minutes for my tiger to spawn. Speaking of the tiger, this was a great way to introduce Troll druids to the game. Making it known that they have always existed, but have just been in hiding. I also loved the touch that one of the Troll volunteers you picked up in Razor Hill rides back with you on the Ivory Raptor. As you see in the picture above I made sure I paid tribute to the Trolls by hiding a raptor the entire time.

The music throughout the entire event made it have that epic feeling I was looking for, just as it was in the Battle for Undercity. Waiting there getting ready for the assault and listening to Vol'jin you could tell they really put a lot of time into making this an event one to remember. Here is some of that dialogue

Sons and daughters of de Darkspear! Friens of de tribe! We be gatherin' here, on de shores of Sen'jin Village, to be takin' BACK what is ours! Come, now! Join de liberation of de Echo Isles! Zalazane will FALL! We be gettin' ready to march to de Isles, an' FREE dem of Zalazane's wicked rule! Join me! Zalazane's time has come! De Darkspear will have a proper home again. Be ready!

So sign up help the Trolls or if you are Alliance help the Gnomes retake their city. This is a one time thing and you won't have forever to do it and will never be able to do it once Cataclysm hits. Also don't forget to turn that sound on to make it sure you get everything out of it.


  1. Damn you and your ZG raptor

  2. Ya I had a lot of fun with it. I would agree was really well done.

  3. Nice ride .

    You know how I'm not that much of a fan of game noise. I love the music in Howling Fjord and Grizzly Hills. Love the music when you're paying Raggy a visit. Other than that, hearing the stuff once and I pretty much turn the sounds off unless I'm taking a video.

    So, I log on last night and guild members bombard me with, "Gimm! Come save Gnomer!" I knew the event had started and guild members know Gnomer is my absolute least favorite instance. I have others I dislike but I hate "No-More". Still, this event promises to be fun.

    I grouped with my second in command, turned on my game sounds and headed to IF. It was so worth it. While lowbie toons will have problems with the final event, I'm going to hop on my lower level alts and run as much of it as I can. AND, I'm going to hop on the cow and do the horde event, to the best of my ability.

    I second your comment to turn up the sound and go do it. This was very well done, unlike the scourge invasion prior to Wrath. That got old quick. Plus, if there was any impetus for getting those classic instances and raids done that you don't have done, this is it. Cata is coming. If someone would be so kind as to talk to Blizz about dropping my T2 gloves in BWL, I'd be ever so grateful.