Friday, August 20, 2010

Memorable Deaths

For this week's Reader Post I wanted everyone to submit their most memorable deaths. You know something everyone could either have a chuckle at or say wow too. So sit back and enjoy the Gauss Nation's ability to die in fancinating ways.

On Argent Dawn when the AQ gates were opened, the server had some really hilarious seizures before it finally died. The best having been dumping all of Sillithus' PC population into the nowhere swirly zone you get when you fall under the world and then it promptly barfing us all out in the wetlands. At the Inn in Menethil harbor... Well, about 100 yards above the Inn in Menethil harbor.. The pancake stack of corpses on top of the Inn was pretty funny.

Of course the embarassing death I'm sure everyone has had at least once. You finish doing something on a high spot, go to hit your mount button and jump off when the mount pops....Then halfway down you realize you hit your ground mount instead of your flyer.

There was a recently dinged 80 person in the group, a Rogue, one who apparently didn't know about the little knockback deal the things do. Well, I positioned myself to the side, whereas they went directly behind the Giant, and whispered me, asking why I didn't get behind, and telling me that I wouldn't be able to use Shred. Just as I was about to say that the Giants had a knockback, and how I could still pull off Shred in my current position to the side...BOOM! He's flying through the air, back toward two of those Golem things. He's flattened in no time. Almost immediately, I reply with a "That's why." Luckily, the snarky comment didn't cause any issues. I just wish I had been recording or something. It was kinda comical, how he just flew through the air like that.

I have a habit of getting rocket boot malfunctions in crowded places, which throws me a hundred feet in the air, and I only have my Parachute cloak bound in one of my specs. So I end up constantly falling to my death in a crowded Dalaran street wondering why I used my PvP trinket instead of my cloak.

When I'm flying out of WG and heading back to Dalaran, sometimes I'll tab out, because it's a pretty straight flight. Sometimes when I tab back, I'm lying dead in the Dalaran streets. It took me a while to realize that's because you can't fly in Dalaran, so my mount would get stuck flying into one of the towers, disappear, and I'd fall to my death. Good times.

While still leveling, I was making a bee-line to Revantusk Village, and as it's a fairly long run from Hillsbrad to said location, I made use of auto-run. Not a single issue 'til a little over halfway there. I, stupidly, tabbed out while running toward the cliffs. I only tabbed out to change my music, and when I came back...I saw myself falling, with maybe about a quarter of my health gone, due to wolves taking a chunk outta my hide as I ran by, not to mention the close calls I had had with the hostile trolls. The funniest part was probably the fact that I kept looking for Shadowmeld (despite falling), and Flight Form, as my first Druid was a Night Elf. Terrible flashback, I guess.

I was in hellfire taking the stadiums and a level 70 thought it would be funny to chase me down. When he did manage to catch up with me he took me out, bannered my head, and started teabagging me. He was so busy celebrating his victory over a toon 10 leverls lower than him that he didnt see the Fel Reaver coming his way. Can you say roflstomp? I've never laughed so hard at someone else's misery in my life.

I was in an AB on my holy paly right? My friends and I had been ganking this Relentless Belf DK who seemed to REALLY want to kill me. He never succeeded that game, except once. We had just held off the zerg at Blacksmith and I had bubbled at (I !!%! you not) 1 health. We finished them off quickly enough and I was laughing too hard at my 1 health to heal myself. I sat down to eat as my bubble reached about 2 second and as it dropped a Death Coil comes out of the sky and kills me. I look up to see the DK had rocket boots and parachuted off of LM for the sole purpose of finishing me. As he landing he started doing one of those ridiculous macroes that spams /spit, /rude, /laugh, ect... all at the same time as my Wrathful Ret paly and Wrathful Warlock friends proceeded to rip him apart.

My best so far was giving an IC speech in Hellfire, and the Fel Reaver ran up and stepped on my face halfway through. Wish I screenshotted it.

In a Warsong Gulch one time, I got pulled around five time by death knights before I finally died. I simply sat there, mouth agape as I watched poor little Darrai get yanked from place to place within a fifteen foot circle. When it was over, I should've gotten the achievement: [Keep Away] Get Death Gripped at least five times in thirty seconds.

For me...Back when I was playing my DK I would get in the habit of hitting Horn of Winter whenever I wasn't doing anything while out levelling. There was at least a couple times when I was on my flying mount heading somewhere and that instinct kicked in. Cue blowing horn sound and me falling to my death.

I had one happen just this year during the Midsummer Festival. I went to Thunder Bluff to steal the flame from the city. I cleverly disguised myself as a Blood Elf, hopped on Baron Rivendare's mount (a disguise that -always- works and -no- one suspects a thing, don'tcha know >.>) and ran through the city. I grabbed the flame and hurled myself off the edge of the rise, popping levitate, laughing and congratulating myself at my own cunning escape. As I glanced back at the flame, I saw a lonely low level tauren shaman. He smiled sweetly and sent a small globe of lightning at me. I chuckled at his attempt to give me the equivalent of a small static shock... until I saw the shock was enough to interrupt my levitate, and before I could hit it again, I had a mouthful of grass and dirt and a long run back to my corpse.

That is it for this week's Reader Post. If you want to get in on next week's be sure to check out next week's topic this coming Sunday during Ask Gauss. Enjoy your week everyone, I'll be sure to give my Shadowmourne a tour of Alliance cities this weekend.


  1. Fel Reaver Deaths are always epic

  2. Taking the rez before hitting the ground...