Saturday, August 7, 2010

Who was that?

Ever been online and someone leaves the guild and you are like, who was that? Of course you have. Then what proceeds for at least for 30 minutes is people arguing and talking about who this person was or could have been. I always sit back and enjoy these conversations because half the time no one really has a clue who the person was.

Of course it gets even better when people log on throughout the day and check the guild log and see that someone left. The the whole thing starts over again except this time with epic stories about how they left. "Ya they bitched out like 30 people said you all fucking suck", "Ya he also took shit out of the guild bank", "Loot whore!". This is of course all stupid because no one even knows who this person is in the first place.

The next part comes when someone everyone knows actually leaves the guild. People start talking how they followed that bastard who left earlier, and he ninja'd them out of the guild. This is a course false, because no one still has a clue of who that person was in the first place. Including the person that actually left.

So this was my tribute to that guildie. The one no one has a clue who you are or why you left. You won't be missed, but your effect on the guild will be forever lasting.