Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ask Gauss

Happy Sunday everyone! The day you wake up and hope the sun is out and it will be a wonderful day because it will all end when you have to wake and go to work the next day. So even if it is a happy day you will be shafted come Monday morning. Also Sunday means it is time for Ask Gauss. So let's get to the questions.

Do you feel like you have to make every single raid because you have Shadowmourne now?

Well I am the Raid Leader and Guild Leader so I already feel like I have to make every single raid. But to answer your question I do feel like I owe the guild something because I received the legendary. Just like I did the last time because I was chosen to represent them. Now I don't think this is a bad thing. It promotes commitment to the guild and guild unity. Along with having the person with the best weapon in the game no matter the legendary in the raid when you are trying to progress or just kill bosses. Obviously players who receive legendaries are normally a higher quality of player so that also helps in making good raids.

What you have to be careful with is people who feel the raid expects them to be there each and every night. It is guild induced and not player. It is all well and good if the player expects it of themselves, but when the guild would make it a requirement this is when things can lead to problems of resentment and often times people will end up quiting the guild or the game in general. So just something to be careful with.

How do you motivate people for raiding when the expansion has greens so quickly that are better overall?

People raid to kill bosses. Loot should always be secondary. If you raid for loot you will always be behind, because there is always something new and better coming around. If it be a new patch with a new instance or an entirely new expansion. Killing bosses is what raiding is all about. The great feeling about executing something perfectly and getting it down. If you raid for loot you will never be happy so trying raiding for fun.

The best thing you have heard about Cataclysm at the moment?


That is it for this week. If you want to have your question answered just send it along and maybe you could be part of the post next week. On another note Friday's Reader Post is going to be about your favourite World PvP moment.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend


  1. did you see the orc line for those quests yet?

  2. grats on your shadowmourne

  3. Obviously players who receive legendaries are normally a higher quality of player so that also helps in making good raids.

    Or a 30% buff lawl.