Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You Fail At Wintergrasp If...

Today is Fail Day and today I will be doing a topic which has been requested since I started the whole Fail Day thing. So without waiting any longer one of the most anticipated you fail posts is upon us.

You Fail At Wintergrasp If...
  • You are looking for a VoA group when the opposite faction controls Wintergrasp
  • You complain people are killing you while you are doing your fishing daily
  • The saying "incoming west wall" is confusing.
  • You stand their as range letting the turrets own you
  • Once you are promoted you run to get a catapult like some sort of obsessed crackhead
  • The concept of wait for the other vehicles evades you
  • Range the door is confused with let your demolisher get destroyed while you try to make it to the door
  • You say "Share Quests" more than 10 times in 30 seconds
  • You ask how long till Wintergrasp while standing in Dalaran
  • You have no idea you can use explosives
  • You don't think it is funny Blizzard added the quest "Defend the Siege" to help idiots understand the importance.
  • You need a quest called "Defend Towers" in order to actually defend them
  • All the vehicles are going West wall and you are on the East side and ask where everyone is
  • You didn't know the vehicles had gun seats

and finally

  • You feel as if you are the greatest for getting the Orb

That is it for today. Hope many of you feel my pain and can pass it on to others. Free Loot Tuesday is upon us and 8 Shards to go maybe finally I can get some luck.


  1. lol "Defend the siege" is so true leave it to Blizzard to point out the obvious.

  2. "You complain people are killing you while you are doing your fishing daily"

    and complain again in the forum.


  3. What about wiping people in VoA?