Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yes it is true! After paying 3000g per saronite for the 25 needed for Shadow's Edge. After getting the bloods from the Abominations. After seeing the Zombie Apocalypse in Frostmourne Cavern. After collecting 1000 souls within Icecrown Citadel. After obtaining the Unholy Infusion from Putricide after some horrible luck. After gaining the Blood Infusion with a little help from healers. After some blessing of freedoms and Guardian spirits while getting the Frost Infusion. And finally after weeks upon weeks of horrible drop rates on shards last night I got the 50th Shadowfrost Shard needed to complete the quest to gain Shadowmourne. This is what Darion had to say

It is complete. Where most would falter you have overcome. You have withstood the torment of the Lich King himself and now Shadowmourne is yours. Go now wield this mighty weapon and direct the countless living souls that empower it. Go now and defeat the prince of darkness!

I want to thank my guild for all the bosses we have killed shard drop or not. I would not have this weapon if it wasn't for all of you. One person doesn't make up a raid, you need 24 other people to do what we have been able to accomplish. This weapon is a symbol of everything we have been through. Every wipe, every kill, every trash pull, and of course every joke. So thank you all for every raid and of course allowing me being that person to wield this. It really is a great feeling to be done with it. Not having to see that stack of shards sitting in my bags wondering if it will every get finished. Not seeing that quest that is incomplete in my log. Now it is just time to kick some ass with some purple swirlies.

To everyone who reads this blog you no longer have to hear me bitch and complain about lack of shard drops. All my complaining can now be directed to not getting into Beta and well ret Pallies. Also to everyone who reads this blog I said when I got my Shadowmourne there would be a new top header to the blog. So I am looking for suggestions as to where the Screenshot should be taken and how it should be taken.

Thank you everyone for the support and encouragement that it would get done, and Ziggie I hope your shard collection goes a lot smoother than mine did.


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Not anyone who deserves it more

  3. Time to start complaining about the drop rate on the turtle mount.

    Kill the Lich King and stand over his body with the sword. Or stand in the frozen throne with it in your hand. Or maybe on one of the parapets of Wintergrasp during one of those (*cough) infrequent times you have it. Hmmmm. You might have to stay up until 3 in the morning.

    Or maybe pose at your favorite place in current WOW. It all changes, supposedly, by the end of the year. This sword is the best that's out there in the game right now. Even if your favorite place is Steamwheedle Port, posing with the best weapon in the place you like the best marks a personal pinnacle.

    And what we want to know, what are you going to save in that now free bag spot?


  4. Take it at Newman's again look how good the last one turned out.

  5. Dare I mention that a shard has dropped for Ziggie from every boss since Gauss finished his quest?


  6. Problem with standing over the Lich King is you won't have any purple swirlies in the screenshot. And it is all about the purple swirlies

  7. grats baddie warrior

  8. GTFO Anonymous , Whoever you are. No one likes you and your ret pally >.>

    OT: Gratz, like Julia said, "Not anyone who deserves it more"

  9. bunch of llane scrubs rofl ass kiss above

  10. Anonymous said...

    bunch of llane scrubs rofl ass kiss above
    August 20, 2010 8:05 AM

    Ha Ha Ha, You are just jealous that he has friends and you do not.

  11. lets get this post count to 20

  12. people have trouble counting? Grats Gauss own people with the power of purple swirlies