Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You Fail At Killing A Boss You Have Already Killed If...

So it is Tuesday and yet another Fail Day. I got an email asking me if I will ever run out of topics for Fail Day. I simply responded "No, because there will always be ret pallies running around". Regardless of who is around playing this game everyone has their "moments". Shall we get to poking fun at people for the week?

You Fail At Killing A Boss You Have Already Killed If...
  • You forget all the time and effort that went into killing it before
  • You decide that you are no longer needed to DPS the correct add
  • You think decursing is for people with shitty DPS
  • You kill Mindcontroled people
  • You have call Marrowgar Professor Bonestorm
  • It is your goal to inflict everyone in the with vile gas
  • You chains of ice a zombie by all the healers and it explodes there killing them
  • You forgot dpsing in front of a boss if bad
  • Your shadow prison stacks are higher than your level
  • Instead of moving out of defile you decide to /dance
  • You try to tank the Lazer of death
  • You are unaware of the characteristics of Dragon fights
  • You make up your own strat completely different during all the times the boss was killed
  • You treat it as a joke because it is not the current tier of content

and finally

  • Some how some way you wipe on gunship

That is it for this week. Hopefully when you start this week's raid week you have none of these problems and it all goes smoothly.

Good Luck on your Free Loot Tuesday!


  1. I think you can pretty much do almost everything wrong on Gunship and still not wipe.

  2. We wiped on gunship last week... had someone new in a cannon. CRY!

  3. wait so we're not suppose to jump off the boat every time...? This is news to me.