Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ask Gauss

So it is Sunday afternoon and pouring rain outside. Why does it always seem to rain when I plan to be doing something outside? But alas, this means I come inside early and post this earlier than expected. Sunday as most if not all of you know is Ask Gauss. This is where I go through everything I have been asked for the week and post a reply for everyone to see. Time to get to it.

How do you deal with drama within your guild?

Well everyone has their own ways to deal with it, but before that you have to realize some things. There will always be people in your guild that won't get along. There will always be people that tend to hang out with some more than others. Not everyone is going to like the same things and mesh with other personalities. Knowing that it is important not to let drama build up. If it is a raiding guild understand that tempers will flare if you have not so good nights or the raid just has an off type night. On these nights you have to try and keep a level head and keep things smooth between all the parties.

Sometimes though you cannot do anything to stop the drama and it is at those times you have to decide if it is best for the guild to part ways with some members. Remember you play this game for fun and you don't want it to be a nightmare for you when you log on.

What is your best tip for making gold?

Simple, Auctioneer. It is an addon that allows you to scan the auction house and with ease find whatever you need. For those new to it I would not recommend using the resale option. What I would suggest is using the snatch tool. What this allows you to do is set specific prices you are willing to pay for items. I use this for all professions where I can buy or bid on all the materials I need at or below a specific price. The vendor option is also a good an funny addition. Basically this will bid or buyout anything on the auction house that people have at below the price it will sell to the vendor. Yes people do that...

I used to scan the AH 5+ times a day and would make serious amounts of gold with little to no effort. Now I scan once maybe twice a day and still make at least 3,000g on a slow day and frequently see 10,000g days. Now of course I am involved in a lot of markets on the AH, but still anyone can do it. Just need about 15minutes a day.

What bothers you on vent?

Open mics

So that is it for this week. Keep sending them in and I will keep answering them. Next week's Reader's Post is going to be about your favourite WoW songs. I will probably do a top 10 and have them all post up here. So send in your votes and some reasons for it.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


  1. open mics with people yelling always makes me want to kill kittens

  2. Sometimes you just have to walk away from it all. The person that causes such nightmares and grief in your life isn't worth sticking around for. I am having so much fun now, I am glad I walked away.

    Open Mic -

    Some gross pig slurping tea from a cup or ice from a drink - this same pig chugging from a bottle of wine. I heard it so much on vent I just want to gag whenever I think about it. I can handle screaming, cursing, and just all around childishness - there is no excuse for bad manners.

  3. Zomg auctioneer is so horrible, Auctionator is the way to be.

  4. Auctionator doesn't have as many features to snatch things up on the AH as auctioneer does.