Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You Fail At The Ready Check If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! Looking through my list of topics for Fail Day I noticed that I never actually posted this one. All of my guildies know how important my ready checks are to me. So although I am sure many of you will fun some hilarity in many of the things I will post I think my guildies will be beside themselves laughing at this one. Without making you wait any longer, it begins!

You Fail At The Ready Check If...
  • You do a ready check to see if people are ready for the ready check
  • You click yes for ready then say you need buffs
  • You don't click no when you are not ready you wait for it to say you are afk
  • You do a check during the middle of a boss pull and cause a wipe
  • You take an Armor pot instead of doing a ready check
  • You say you're ready when you haven't buffed
  • You are alt tabbed playing farmville during the ready check
  • You do a check when you are the only one standing in front of the boss
  • You find the concept click no if you can hear this difficult
  • You say yes then say brb
  • You click yes thinking it is a rez
  • You say yes even though you have absolutely no idea what you are doing on the coming pull
  • You are talking non stop on vent and completely miss the check
  • You say you are ready and haven't even zoned in

and finally

  • You click yes then mysteriously disconnect

That would be it all. Hopefully your Free Loot Tuesday goes well.

1 more shard wish me luck!


  1. oh the joy of ready checks for ready checks lol

  2. I hate when people say brb after they click ready it drives me insane.

  3. what about you do so many ready checks that people just click without thinking

  4. Good luck with your shard!

    You fail at ready check if:
    -You spam ready checks in a Wintergrasp raid
    -You hit yes even though you're in Stormwind buying gems

  5. Actually got my shard last night after being shut out on Tuesday. Great to finally be done with it.