Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ask Gauss

Sunday! The last day of the weekend if it wasn't a holiday tomorrow. Well it is a holiday for me because Canada is awesome. What an interesting week it has been. Some crazy M'uru syndrome happening in ICC this week and, of course, the whole Starcraft II release. Shall we get to what is on everyone's mind for the week?

How do you think Real ID is working across the games?

I would have to say very well. I don't like how some of the options work in Starcraft II, but that doesn't really matter to this. It has made swapping in an out much easier for the raid week, because sometimes you don't want ask people to stay on vent the entire time they are not in the raid. In the past I would always have to send a text to them telling them I am ready for them to switch back in. Now I can just send them a message while they are on Starcraft and tell them to come back over. Of course, this only works with your Real ID friends, but some are better than others.

There has also been no issues game wise that have gone wrong with the system. You probably heard all the horror stories like I did. would be crashing left and right and we were going to have server resets after resets to try and fix the problems. I can honestly say I don't think there has been any extra down time. Blizzard really wants this system to work, which makes wonder why they can't take these thoughts when running out patches. Anyways, overall I think the service has been working out really well.

What are your feelings about trash looking at what Ruby Sanctum has to offer?

I think this is a great thing. What is the point of having trash which you can just group it together and AoE it mindlessly. Trash where you have to think about how you are going to execute the pack is great. It gets people in the thought process of doing a boss. People can't afk because they are not needed for it. Having to CC mobs is something I have always been a fan of. There is a lot of players today that cannot effectively CC, kite, or interrupt on queue. This is because they never have to do it until that one boss, and they haven't got a clue on how it is done. which leads to pointless wiping.

My opinion is having trash that is worthless and requires you not to think does not help in improving players. It just turns into a time to see how many times the fury warrior can die before we get to the boss. I know that having more difficult trash builds raid focus and attentiveness and makes an overall better raid. Of course there will be people complaining that they are wiping over and over on trash, and to those people I only have to say is figure out why you are wiping and fix it. The problem probably is because you just want to group it together and AoE. That has seemed to be a moto for Wrath even if they did give all this CC to other classes. I am glad "group it up and AoE" is dying come Cataclysm it has been a long time coming.

Any luck on the beta? least I can play Starcrraft II

That is it for this week. Next week's Reader's Post topic is about the stupidest things you or someone in your guild has put in the guild bank.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!

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  1. Just think if you had beta you wouldn't have time for Starcraft II. Maybe Blizzard knew this and thought about you in doing so.