Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thinking You're Awesome

Today I thought I would break it down for people that have trouble determining the differences with people who shall I say think they are better than they truly are. This is a fine line that people will do anything to show how they are superior to others, but fail or don't do the easiest of things.


Don't switch targets: They do this to inflate their DPS numbers and total damage so they appear higher on the meters. This means they will keep burning the boss and not switch to adds. This obviously causes the encounter to last long and many times could result in a wipe because someone is not pulling their weight. This is a common theme for some DPS and is easily seen on World of Logs when they have very low dps on bonespikes, adds, slimes, oozes, and iceblocks. But hey did you see those big numbers!

Don't Decurse, CC, or Battle Rez: works the same way as switching targets they don't want their numbers to suffer. Of course everyone can see how stupid of a decision that is when an MC'd target kills half the raid.

Don't stop or slow: There are many encounters where transitions and the timing they happen is important. So the people that go on with regular dps to keep there numbers high are making the encounter more difficult just so they don't see a dip in there numbers.

AoE when you shouldn't: There are times when AoE is great, but there are also times when it will cause you to pull aggro, break something early, or wipe the raid pointlessly. All because you wanted to top the meters. In my books killing a boss is more important.


Standing In Damage: Healers who stand in damage so they can spam heal themselves to make their HPS look higher. When more damage goes out and you have to heal this. It doesn't make you like a better healer it just makes you look like you care too much about your numbers.

Raid Healers Spamming the Tank: Raid healers that spend 50% or more time healing the tank and not healing the raid because it is much easier to spam the tank are not a benefit to anyone. Sure their numbers will appear much higher than the other raid healers, and they will feel "omg I am awesome these other people are terrible" the difference is you don't heal the raid, the raid dies it is a wipe, but hey at least your HPS was high.

Not healing or dispelling yourself: Do I even need to comment on this?

Immune to encounter design: Just because you are a healer doesn't mean you ignore all the aspects of the encounter other people have to deal with because you heal. You still need to move, you still need to stack, and of course you still need to dispel or decurse.

Trying to do everything and accomplish nothing: When a healer tries to do everything they end up doing nothing useful. Although of course their numbers will appear to be huge because omg look at all the people they have healed.


Cooldowns: Oh look I popped them all at once I will live through that but not through anything else.

Hit: Oh look I have 84093094039402909HP but I can't hit a damn thing and my taunts always miss, but hey look at all my health!

Taunt..Taunt...Taunt...:Yes tanking can be mindless but when it is your time to taunt you should do it now and not after it was said 20 times.

There are some of things that bug me about people who raid. When you don't do what you are expect or supposed to you are never being the best player you possibly could. You are just making it harder for everyone else.


  1. Hey I know a healer just like that...

  2. where is my banana rum...

  3. I knew a healer exactly like that as well - he put everyone down yet couldn't see his own mistakes -_-

  4. If there is no one else to heal or I am preparing for a raid wide hit Ill throw 3 flash heals on the tank to get my serendipity up thus allowing me to effectively heal the raid faster. Not all the raid healers that on occasion spam the tanks are idiots. Just most of them.

  5. Well of course if there is no one else to heal, but spammingthe tank to increase your HPS to prove you have high HPS is stupid.