Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clearing Up Confusion

I have been thinking and I have decided to do a public service to everyone and explain what people mean when they say specific things. You really wouldn't believe how people get so easily confused.

"Stacking": This means you stack up like a deck of cards this does not mean be in generally the same area. This does not mean run off in the middle of no where. This means stack up like a deck of cards.

"Group Up": This means be in generally the same area. Generally said in the sentence "group up for buffs", "group up for better raid heals". This again does not be in the middle of no where and do your own think like some sort of mindless retard.

"Don't Tab Target": This means don't press tan to cycle through mobs. This is used often when "Don't tab target and kill MC'd People"

"Ghosts are bad": This means don't let them hit you and kill you along with all others around you. This does not mean stand there and let it hit you or don't move enough and kite it to other people.

"Switch Targets": This means switch targets in order to dps down and add of some sort. This does not mean keep nuking the boss fail to switch and let the add kill the raid.

"Stop DPS": This means stop doing damage to the current target. This does not mean blow all cooldowns and watch the numbers fly. Doing this just shows you are an idiot.

"Don't AoE": This do not use area of effect spells. This is not a comment directed to everyone but you. When it is said "No one use AoE" you are actually included in the "no one" part.

"Stay away from everyone like they are your grandmother with Herpies": This means do not be close to anyone. Unless you have a desire to get herpies...

There we have it. Glad I took the time to clear that up for everyone hopefully now there will be no confusion.


  1. Classic Gauss right here

  2. I always have gotten "Stop DPS" confused