Friday, August 27, 2010

World PvP Moments

For this week's Reader Post I decided to ask the Gauss Nation what their favourite or most memorable World PvP moments have been throughout their WoW career. Some of them were ridiculous, sad, or down right hilarious. Hope you enjoy the ones I decided to share.

My favorite isn't exactly a personal best, but definitely the best moment I had ever experienced. Decided to pick some fights with some allies today outside SW and started to mess around SW. I would run by the gates where all the ally would chill and duel and when one would give chase, I would take them far enough away from them to kill them alone. Was working fine for a while, until a rogue happened to be around when I thought it was 1v1 with a mage. Needless to say, I died. I did my normal gtfo after I rezzed at my body. I trapped him, he trinketed, then I scatter shotted and mounted. The rogue gave me a chase epic enough to be put in any movie. We ran through Elwynn, to duskwood to Westfall. At Westfall however, I happened to chance by 5 beautiful angels. At 50% I didn't have a chance on a rogue who was clearly intent on killing me in his full wrath set. But I just so happen to run into a 5 man ganking party. I quickly dismounted by them and began to eat and drink as I watched with a smile on my face as the rogue got mutilated in a gory mess. I couldn't have planned a better ambush if I tried in all honesty.

I was out in Arathi raising Herbalism, when I see a Horde in a bike carrying a passenger. I decided to push my luck; the Hordie came riding towards me (but not really paying me much attention) and I did a quick burst rotation on his passenger. The orc flew from the bike and fell over the cliff. His driver was so confused by what happened that we just stared at each other (I was laughing too hard behind the monitor), and after the shock was over I got thunderstormed off the same cliff. I loved every moment of it.

I was out in Icecrown the other day doing some daily quests and I flew up to what I thought was Orgrimm's hammer, but it was actually the Alliance gunship, the Skybreaker. Realizing my mistake, I was about to head off when I figured i'd take a look around, since I don't have any alliance characters over lvl 70 and had never explored the skybreaker before. I slaughtered some guards and killed their captain, even getting caught below the floor at one point because my flying mount phased through the geometry of the ship. A lvl 80 demonology gnome warlock eventually showed up to ruin my fun. We were evenly matched, both in about 5 pieces of pvp gear. We must've fought 20 times in the next 40 minutes or so, going back and forth between orgrimm's hammer and the skybreaker. I'd pull back to my gunship after killing him at his, and he would retaliate and counter-attack on my home turf. Once defeating him again I would go back to the skybreaker again and cause more trouble, and he would jump me and dispatch me. The best bit was when he dotted me as i was floating over the Skybreaker and he chased me on his flyer back to my gunship wanting the kill. I quick landed on orgrimm's hammer and dropped a grounding and began to heal. When he landed, my grounding ate his death coil, he went demon and tried to get at me. I just kited him all over the ship as the guards repeatedly netted him to the floor. He eventually just jumped off and fell to his death. Was quite funny actually, his demon wings desperately trying to remember how to fly before he went splat. In the end, we shared a brief exchange of respectful emotes while on our flying mounts, and then went our separate ways. It was quite enjoyable. I hope I run into him again someday.

Back in S5 though when melee was ridiculous, i was on my warlock camping 2 ret paladins in the place near sons of hodir with all those chick only people (you know the one!). Anyways, I was camping them both separately since they'd try to rez and kill the lonely warlock separately. One would rez and die while the other was flying to their corpse. This went on for a bit till they realize that I'm camping 2 and decided to rez together. This was S5, there is no way i was gonna live through 2 of them in my half deadly and half hateful gear.

I teleported to a nice location above the building and mounted up with 10% HP. One of the ret followed me on his mount with crusader aura up and caught up to me in no time. I knew he was gonna try and use his hammer of wrath (range execute) on me. He dismounted and used his HOW, dropping me to a bout 1% and then he bubbled. Or so he thought...he used his 50% dmg reduction instead of his full immunity all the way up in the air. Needless to say, he dropped on the ground and SPLAT! This was a pretty funny moment for me in WOTLK and just pure epic.

I was doing a few laps for the Time Lost Proto Drake last week and got jumped by a mage. Mage dismounted off his flyer, shot a spell, then feather falled down. Well as a Warrior who searched for the TLPD, I keep a stack of the slow fall beer on me in case I ever have to tag it in the air. I fall, drink the beer, and float safely down the to the ground. I enter a battle royal with the mage, and end up winning. Right as the mage dies, my addon goes nuts, saying the TLPD is near! I quickly Enraged Regen. and mount up looking for it. I spot it, dismount, and heroic throw to tag it. I go to drink the beer again....and its still on cooldown. I fall down to my death, and land right next to mage I just killed. Who hasnt released yet, and prolly saw the whole thing.

A ret pally friend participated in a raid on Undercity, Aman'thul server, for the Alliance bear mount, when they get inside the raid leader asks "Where's the Queen ?" ..... no one knew. My friend bubbled and hearthed ...

Back in tbc days while i was lvl 68 on my hunter i went to Rachet for some reason and came across some lvl 70 mage in t4 gear ganking lvl 15 horde guys, so thought i would try and sneak up on him and kill him, now at this time i still considered myself a noob, but i guess he was more of one cause he died, at any rate he released and came back to kill me and he died once more. At this point he gave up and i assume he left back to shat, so i run up and jump on the boat when a lvl 10 ally come running up the walkway to the boat...being all impressed with myself, i one shotted the kid and got killed for my troubles by the guards.

That is it for this week. If you enjoyed this week's stories be sure to try and be a part of it next week. I will release next week's topic as always during Sunday's Ask Gauss post. Enjoy your weekend and to all the Alliance be ready for an Epic For The Horde tomorrow.


  1. I'm looking forward to making your column, by name tomorrow, and not just because I posted something. ;)

    I've been working all week on this. I promise resistance and, if everyone who says they are coming shows, it will be a story worthy of this post.