Saturday, August 21, 2010

Super FTH Fail

So I don't know what it was about the run I tried to put together today, but the normal For The Horde magic wasn't there. Get over the fact that you could say they were tipped off. The Alliance knows I am coming and it has never been an issue if the proper preparations are made. There was plenty of healers although they didn't appear to be healing too much. Besides Whirl and another guy whose name I cannot remember. There was also that crazy Mexican kid that got on vent, but he can't be blamed for it. Instructions were given maybe not followed perfectly, but they were given. Just so happened that the raid ended up being a complete failure. Shutdown in Ironforge then followed by Darnassus. Really rather depressing. Didn't even get to own that many faces with my Shadowmourne.

Regardless there will be hell to pay tomorrow. I will bring the main crew tomorrow then fill in with the people I find in trade. Don't want the crap that happened today to happen again. So to the resisters I will be back and with a vengeance. Hope you are also there tomorrow to fight back for we all know it is much more fun that way than roflstomping through city to city.

Congrats on your victory today for it will be short lived come tomorrow.


  1. BEST.



    To those horde who were bitching at Gauss in Trade after the run, shut up. You were out flanked and out played today.

    I have been recruiting for 3 days because I'm getting tired of Alliance whining that "Oh dear, someone save me from the Horde." For once, people showed up, followed directions and...

    we won.

    I respect Gauss for his leadership abilities. To run a disparate group of people cross country to do this is no mean feat. Sometimes the magic isn't there.

    Yes we cheered. Yes we celebrated in the Pig and Whistle afterward. Yes we feel full of ourselves right now.

    And YES! We will be there tomorrow.


    This was so much fun. I've been waiting months for this.


  2. The photos I took are up on the guild web site front page.


  3. Sadly something has come up and this will have to be delayed till next weekend. I hope the defence is there once again.