Monday, August 2, 2010


So for anyone who has seen the movie by close to the same name they will understand why this is awesome.

If you haven't you will still think it is good just may not understand all there is too it. This is by the same machinimator as everyone's favourite Azerothian Super Villians. To anyone who hasn't seen any of those well you are missing a great laugh. If you had opinions of Kael'thas before this will just make them come true in so many ways. So check out his channel and I will bet you won't be disappointed.

If you have any other movies you think I should check out send them along as always if they are your own or not. Now as a disclaimer there is only so many times I can tell people I don't want to see dog seizurevideos. So I hope that was the last time. Enjoy your last day before reset may you kill that boss or get that loot you were after, and don't forget to turn in your weekly.


  1. I love this guy. "Illidan where did you put my dolls?" The one when Archimonde leaves the "group" is pretty sweet too.

  2. good stuff I sent along one you should watch.

  3. "...don't forget to turn in your weekly."

    I'm going to have to macro that.