Thursday, August 26, 2010


So in tribute to the new Nub Tales video I have decided to list of things would go to hell for doing in WoW. Before reading this I suggest you go watch the new Nub Tales video, which can be seen here.

And so the list...
  • Kill Stealing
  • Training Mobs on you
  • BoP you during a boss pull
  • Taking your herbs while you kill all the mobs around it
  • Killing people your mounts passenger seat
  • Kicking someone out of your random just before the last boss of the instance
  • Corpse camping lowbies
  • Dancing in Defile on Lich King
  • Thunderfucking someone off a cliff
  • Iceblocking the raid on Sindragosa
  • Pulling a Valk while running up to the frozen throne
  • Killing a mindcontrolled player
  • Dispeling someone's Parachute while they are floating to Dalaran
  • Pulling a boss during a ready check
  • Mind Controling someone off the Lumber Mill
  • Leaving someone in an iceblock to die after Sindragosa dies
  • Running into Blue Balls on Lich King
  • While riding a turtle mount trading someone who doesn't have one the second turtle mount you fished up

That is all I can come up with for now I am sure someone will say something or do something to me over the next few days that will make me scream PEOPLE GO TO HELL FOR THAT!!!!!