Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ask Gauss

Sunday is upon us and besides a breakfast with pancakes and sausage it also means it is time for this week's edition of Ask Gauss. Let's get down to it then and answer this week's questions.

How did you or will you decide you gets the items out of the Shadowmorne chest?

I actually have done this a little bit different then most people or guilds have done it, I think. I am not just giving it away to my best friends or loot counseling them. I am not doing it with an open roll with people in the raid at the time the chest is rewarded. So how then you ask? Well because I am a lore guy and all I decided to use that to decide it. I asked anyone interested in an item to PM me on the forums or send me an in game mail telling me why they would like that item. I said not just to say "I want it" or "because it is awesome". I wanted them to explain to me why that item and the significance it has. I was not disappointed in the responses I received and people really for the most part took to heart what I was trying to do. After all they are vanity items and I would like them to go to someone who would actually enjoy it for all the time they would be playing this game.

Do you like the idea that Cataclysm is going to be the expansion of the healer?

Well I don't mind it at all. BC was all about getting people in the frame of mind that DPS is important. That rotations were something to be paid attention to, and that everyone would be specialized to fill a specific role to benefit the raid. Wrath has been about tanking. Tanks being able to kite, control and manage adds, position, all the while taking big hits from bosses. Healers through Wrath have never had to really worry about mana. They just spammed their heals without thinking what the cost was to keep the tanks topped off, because basically almost any boss could 2 shot a tank. In Cataclysm healers will be more responsible for their mana and have to make more decisions on what heal to use. Rather than just mindlessly spamming. This of course won't ignore what the DPS and Tanks have learned in BC and Wrath as it will carry on all to make the game better overall.

Do you know what would be funny? If you got a beta key the last day of beta.


That is it for this week. As always if you want a question to be answered just send it along to myself and yours could be one of the ones used next week. For those who have been waiting, next week's Reader's Post is about your most memorable death. Just like always you have until Thursday night to get them into me.

Enjoy what is left of your weekend!


  1. Don't forget the fact healers will be dpsing too in Cata

  2. I can see it now Gauss is so excited to get in beta and then it ends lol