Monday, August 9, 2010

What To Do

So here we are all content prior to the next expansion has been released and what is there to do? Sure I still clear ICC and do Ruby Sanctum each week, but as I have been starting to see with my guild and maybe even a bit with myself is there is a lull where people may have had enough of this content. This is my guild who is actively trying to get down more hard modes and gear up for what is ahead of us. I can only imagine people who are not doing this.

With what I have heard(since we all know how Blizzard loves to give me a beta key) the beat is still pretty buggy at the moment. Meaning it is not close to being released. I have heard talk about a January or February release of it. Is this something the WoW public is going to wait for? With no new content available? This is getting into that area, which happened between release and Ulduar people had nothing to do but the same old stuff and of course got bored, quit, or in many cases caused drama in their guilds.

I hope Blizzard learned from this and has something to keep the game active while we wait. I know there is the Troll and Gnome recapturing coming soon. There also is the "Cataclysm" itself. But is this really what is expect to keep the game going for months while we wait for the expansion? I really hope that something else is coming so I don't have to convince my guild that everything is going to be ok while we wait for the expansion.

Let's all hope that the wait doesn't kill everything.


  1. more time to cause more drama with Shadowmorne items!

  2. I've heard talk that Blizzard said they are on track for a 2010 release.


  3. Their Q2 Shareholder's report stated that they are still on target for a 2010 Cataclysm release. For what that's worth!

  4. Word of advice : Enjoy the down time, clean out your banks, bags, do quests on alts. Spend quality time with the family and have lots of sex.

  5. I believe they told their shareholders Starcraft Ghost would be one of the top selling games of all time...