Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things To Accomplish Before The Expansion

I have been seeing this a lot around all the WoW blogs I read. Therefore I have decided to make my own list of things I would like to accomplish before Cataclysm hits us. I can tell you though my list probably won't be like most you have seen, but then really I am not out of the norm category.
  1. Get my Shadowmorne(7 more shards to go)
  2. Kill Heroic Halion 10 or 25
  3. Amass 1,000,000g account wide
  4. Break 6k Gearscore with my Holy Warrior Set
  5. Get a Turtle Mount
  6. Kite Tyrande to Orgrimmar
  7. Reach 10,000 deaths
  8. Participate in the retaking of Echo Isles
  9. Do a tribute to Carine Bloodhoof
  10. Defend Wintergrasp more than twice in a week

So there are my 10 things. I am sure it is much different than yours, but then everyone has what they feel is important to them. I will inform you all when I do something off the list and we will see if I am able to accomplish all of them in time. I do have a feeling though that the turtle mount is going to be my downfall. Wish me luck and I will say right now good luck to you all in accomplishing what you are trying to in time. Who knows we may have more time than we think to do so.


  1. If it makes you feel better I have a turtle mount on 2 toons. One actuall has under level 200 fishing

  2. If I have ANY say in the matter, #6 will NOT be accomplished.

    There, I have thrown down the gauntlet.

    And you still haven't been killed by Hogger. Tsk, tsk. How can that not be #1 on your list of things to do?


  3. Why would you want to reach 10,000 deaths?

  4. I need to get LoreMaster before the xpac - sometimes I just find it so hard to go back and do old world quests.

    I leveled a Ret Pally and have been raiding ICC on her and want to kill LK on heroic, just to say that I did.

    Gauss is THE man when it comes to making gold.