Saturday, May 8, 2010

Children's Week Look Back

So being happy that I completed all the achieves for this holiday save the Vertan Nanny I decided to put together the horror stories I have heard about this week or maybe was the cause of. You may call my poking fun pure evil, but in the end does it really matter?

Cupcakes: When does buying a cupcake for 4g each ever make sense? I always find it hilarious when they buy the cupcakes or cakes then send you a mail complaining at how much it cost them. Did they expect me to feel bad and send them their gold back? I only did the thing that made the most sense to me. CoD them another Cupcake or Cake for double the amount they previously paid.

Utgarde Pinnacle: How people fail at this instance I have no idea. How people fail to take their orphan out and then have to do the instance all over again is nothing short of epic failure. 2 people in my daily did this I couldn't help but poking fun at them to no end. You did this instance for one purpose and messed it up. They weren't even from Ragnaros either...

School of Hard Knocks: You have all heard about people complaining about this on and on. Why it is so unfair and how it should be removed from the meta because everyone is working against one another in the Battlegrouns. Apparently all achievements should be as easy as getting a haircut. You have the standard complaining that people doing the achieve and then leaving the battleground. People just letting the flag carrier die in EOTS so they can pick it up and cap it. Although I much enjoyed the story about the mage that was putting Amplify magic on the flag carrier so they would die quicker. The one thing you need to remember is your pain entertains me.

So with that I will miss Children's Week. The constant complaining, the 30 minutes BG queues, the complaining, the comments about the size of my Willie, the complaining, asking why there is no Caverns of time portal in Dalaran, and yes of course the complaining.


  1. Cupcake CoD FTW rofl

  2. Working on School of Har Knocks know but the que for AB and EotS are hours long because no allys are doing it DX

  3. I was one that paid 4g for the cupcakes. I knew I was getting ripped off, but in my opinion it saves me the trouble of having to go hunt em down. So no complaints here.

    School of Hard Knocks was both an anxiety-attack and lots of fun. EotS was the most fun and anxiety driven for me. Killing the flag carrier amid a wave of alliance, grabbing the flag, then going sword-and-board for shield wall + spell reflect, and hauling ass while spamming Piercing Howl lol.

    One more year for Veteran Nanny, and then all done.

  4. Cupcakes. I sold Ice Cream for the price of a stack............there's a new vendor in front of the AH. LOL

    Elemental Shaman EotS = Thunderstorm
    Varcala - Llane