Monday, May 17, 2010


So I get a requests a lot of the time to showcase videos, artists, or machinimators. I turn most of them down. Although every so often someone comes across that I didn't know about and I like what I see. Not that my opinion is worth more than others, but people tend to like to hear what I say or think. So what is this all about?

Well, there is a new song just released by Blood Type and Lionsface entertainment. It is a WoW Hip Hop song called Fail. The video is done by Gary Hartmann a machinimator I was unaware of. Of course how could I not love something about fail. Leaving that out it is well written, put together, and of course flows nicely. Most importantly it is not sung by a blood elf, becasue that is getting beyond old.

So without me not talking more about it. Checkout the video and make your own decision.

You can download the mp3 here

Hope you enjoyed it. Good Luck on the last day before reset


  1. wow that was awesome 5/5 from me.


  2. Great video and I agree no Blood Elves is a plus


    F A I L

    I like it thanks for sharing.

  4. good stuff Gauss always finding the good videos

  5. Full of win sir

  6. Dislike. I hate rap.