Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ask Gauss

If I had a cat maybe today would be it's birthday. Since I hate cats and frequently try to run them over I probably will never have a cat, meaning my cat would never have a birthday. So that was pretty random, but I was at a loss of how to open today. I could have said something about tomorrow being Memorial Day or crap like that, but that would be to expected. So back on topic. Today is Sunday, which is not my cat's birthday, so it means that I attempt to answer the questions people have asked me throughout the week.

Are you going to miss the way the zones looked after the Cataclysm happens?

I think change can be a good thing. I also know that I will miss certain zones for things which went on there while I was leveling or just exploring around. Azshara is a zone I have always loved the look of. The whole eternal autumn thing was just something I enjoyed looking at. Although changing it into a tourist type place and a home of the goblins is cool. I think I will miss the feel of the zone. Thousand needles is also a place I have many memories of, but I look forward to being able to say to new players "When I leveled we walked around thousand needles not swim!"

So as I will enjoy the revamped zones, I also have taken the time to go around Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms and take massive amounts of screenshots. So I will actually have a piece of what it looked like before. Maybe I will even do a before and after thing who knows.

I know you are into Lore. How does this effect you and your raid over vent and such?

Well in simple terms I tell people to shut the hell up. Honestly, though that is what I do. Many people play the game to see this lore and how the game is progressing. Now everyone should take it upon themselves to respect that. Yes lore can get bothersome when you have seen the same thing over and over again. Like pulling Illidan "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED" became this joke all around the WoW community. But if I can teach people anything would be to be respectful of people that first time so others who are not as forward as myself and won't say "Shut the Hell Up".

I heard you were race changing to a goblin in Cata.

I am also leveling a pally and faction changing to alliance...

So that is it for this week's questions. Keep on sending them in. This week's reader post I want you to list who you think are the greatest Lore Characters in WoW. Give me your top 5 or top 10 and I will compile a list to get the "Gauss Nation's" picks for the best lore characters.


  1. Gauss alliance never gonna happen


  2. I will miss Azshara too

  3. Don't you dare come to the Alliance side. I forbid it. Yes, you would raise the IQ level of Trade chat but, quite possibly, lower yours in the process. Yes, we need intelligent people willing to answer, thoughtfully, a noob's question. Too many level 80's seem to have forgotten they were once a level 22 unsure of where the reagent vendor is in Ironforge.

    I forbid it because then I have no one to egg me on, step on my tabard, challenge me to be just a wee bit better every time we meet in PvP.

    What would you be if you came over here? Human? Boring. Space goat? Well, they do look interesting when fighting. Nelf? Just no. Okay? Dwarf? I'm kinda partial to them but...

    You're a tauren. You're big. You're mean and you're nasty. You take up the doorway. When you charge, I'm a spot on the floor if I'm in your way. Nope. You're Horde and I forbid a faction change. Now, if you will excuse me, I'm off to the dry cleaners to get the latest hoof print out of the tabard.