Thursday, May 6, 2010

Real ID

So I am sure you have all read what this is if not then here are the basics from

Real ID features

  • Real names for friends Your Real ID friends' names will appear next to their characters.
    Cross-Game chat You will be able to talk to your Real ID friends cross realm and in other games like StarCraft II and Diablo III.
  • Rich Presence You will be able to snoop see what games and modes your Real ID friends are playing. So you'll know if they are just hanging around Dalaran. And they'll know the same about you.
  • Broadcast You can broadcast short messages to all of your Real ID friends and view recent messages that they have broadcast.
  • Friend once, see all characters Real ID friends can see all of each other's characters. All. You won't be able to pick and choose which ones can be seen, unless they are on another account.

So I am sure you all can see the pros and cons of such a system. Many are afraid of the privacy concerns this has, which of course has a lot of merit. The main thing is it is a choice. You do not have to participate in such a system. My feeling is that if you have real life friends this doesn't seem like it would be too bad. Unless of course you play WoW or any other Blizzard game to get away from such people. For others that you play with I would think of it like this; if you would be comfortable with said person knowing more about you as if you did meet them in real life and not on a game then, why not? Think of it as if you would become Facebook friends with such a person you have already made such a step. This is a step that should not be stepped into without thinking of course. If you are a person that likes your privacy I would suggest not using it at all. If you are a person that is open and friendly with everyone, I would be extremely cautious to others intentions. Really it comes down to common sense, which I will admit many don't have at times. Anything that could leave you at any risk is not something ever to just right off. So will I take part? Who knows I am still thinking on it.


  1. violation of privacy simple as that

  2. I think this might be going a little too far. At least that is my opinion. Even if people have the best intentions I feel a lot of things can go wrong with this.


  3. I hate this a lot. Yes, it's completely optional... but we can't assume that people are going to actually read all the fine print before they sign up. Indeed they won't. And that's what scares me.

    Sure, it's not Blizzard's job to protect people from their own stupidity. But at the same time, I feel like this has a huge potential for harm happening out of ignorance - and one that can be avoided by simply using a pseudonym or a unique numerical identifier.