Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trolling Da Forums

So my guild is currently looking at fixing the summer jinx and inviting a couple people in order to maximize potential. With that in mind and the lack of unguilded and geared players on Llane I tend to explore off server. This took me to the Horde Recruitment forums where I saw such classics as
  • 4900gs Resto/Bear looking for guild 10/12 HM ICC
  • looking for highly skill raiders
  • MM Hunter LFG have done all fights on my Shaman
  • LFM to join the party
  • LF Serious RAF Partner
  • Weekend Raiding guild looking for Weekday Raiders

Those were just some of the beauties I saw. Also what is with people posting all the symbols and such. It doesn't make me want to click on your thread it makes me wish I could slap you upside the head. Another thing that bothers me is people who post in a recruitment thread on an alt. Does that even make sense? You think I want to waste my time replying to your thread if you could be crap? Of course not, it is a waste of my time. More things that bug me are people who are looking for a guild way beyond there gear level and experience, honestly you just are making yourself look like an idiot who has no clue. There is also the people that log out in PvP gear or naked so you can't even look at their crap on armory. All of these things even if they bug me at least they lower the number of people I actually have to reply to or check out.

So to all the others trying to fix holes with people wanting to explore the outside with the nice weather at least the Recruitment forums will give you a good laugh, and I feel your pain!


  1. WOW forums in general are filled with morons.