Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You Fail At Making A Point If...

First off happy Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you! Ok so maybe that wasn't funny. I was informed I made it on WoW.com yesterday for my Orphan's Future post in conjunction with their "Daily Quest" segment. Thank you for the mention and to any new readers to join the Nation. Today is Tuesday though, which means it is time for the weekly fail. On with it!

You Fail At Making A Point If...
  • You expect people to take you seriously with lol in your name
  • Your point is mages are hard to play
  • You are telling people how to play but your spec is beyond awful
  • You participate in the Skill > Gearscore discussions in trade chat by saying you know this guy with a 3k gearscore who outdpsed a 6k gearscore person
  • You say you picked a blood elf because they looked cool
  • Your point is about epic flying costing too much
  • You are explaining the quickness of keyboard turning
  • You believe there is a reason you didn't bubble
  • You are trying to prove why Malygos shouldn't be the weekly
  • At any point you say killing optional bosses is worthwhile in a heroic
  • You are trying to prove someone is mean because they told you to go to Silithus to train polearms
  • You at anytime say the horde has the advantage in Alterac Valley
  • You think Blizzard cares that people are making it hard to get your Children's Week PvP achievements
  • You are explaining the importance to white cap hit for a dual wield class
  • You are in the "For the Fish Feast" group

and finally

  • You have TRH(That Retarded Horse)

That is all the fail we have time for today. Enjoy your Free Loot Tuesday


  1. ROFL TRH. I always know when to bubble.


  2. sometimes you can't bubble...

  3. blood elves are cool what you talking about...

  4. People arguing about gearscore is like talking to a wall

  5. I had to stop playing wow for a bit cause of money. and started playing Dungeons & Dragons Online cause its free. and i think that in this case i have a good one for you.... You play DDO and argue endlessly that wow is better.