Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You Fail At Guild Banking If..

So happy Tuesday! Icecrown buff goes up again today at least that is what I am being told. So which probably means people will be killing shit they haven't yet. Whatever that may be. Tuesday is of course Fail Day, and this week's post is something which is near and dear to me. We all know those people that some how some way find a way to screw it up.

You Fail At Guild Banking If...
  • You have tabs named Stuff 1, Stuff 2, and Stuff 3
  • You alphabetize everything across all the tabs
  • You arrange things in rows instead of columns
  • You have so much junk you have to use the guild bank to hold it
  • Anything ever put in the guild bank is just crap no one will ever need
  • You have an endless supply of mana and healing injectors which are now obsolete
  • You wonder why no ones wants the Dalaran clam chowder
  • You put your pink shirt in the bank when you were putting pots and flasks away
  • All the smoke you keep is white
  • You put flasks back in the tab made for food
  • You put 111g instead of the required 100g because it is easier for you to press "1" three times
  • You think guild bank tabs are too expensive
  • You fill out the notes on each tab thinking that people will listen to the "accepted" tab items
  • You let people prone to being hacked have full access

and finally

  • Your banks needs is based on that of a ret pally

And there we have it. Enjoy the buff kill, kill some bosses, make professor plum proud, and celebrate your Free Loot Tuesday.


  1. I fill out the notes for my alt banks guild bank. Although I am the only one who uses it.

  2. That actually happened in my guild someone got hacked and we lost everything in our guild bank. Wasn't funny...

  3. Actually you fail at guild banking if not everyone who has management rights on it doesn't have an authenticator. Every officer in our guild has one or they're demoted.