Friday, May 7, 2010

I Gots Lots To Do

Friday it is! TGIF right? Anyone see all those crazy Cataclysm screens over on MMO Champion besides them looking pretty awesome. This reminds us that the expansion itself is not that far away, which is a perfect lead into this week's reader post. Almost as if Blizzard knew my plans and planned this, very nice of them. Ok maybe that is going a little far. Anyways this week I asked people to tell me the things they want to or are doing before the expansion. So ya...

I plan on finishing Loremaster not because I want the achievement or the title, but because I have a feeling a lot of those quests are not going to be around any longer. Of course there will be a ton of new quests to do later on as well. I just want to see all the game has to offer before it drastically changes.

Finally do Gnomer at level! I know it is crazy isn't it. Besides being the worse placed and worst designed instance horde wise. Well maybe BFD is placed worse, but they could blow that place up for all I care. I just have always complained about gnomeville for so long I should do it so that when they change it I am actually able to complain about the crap it was in its former glory.

Thinking about going around and taking screenshots of all the zones so I can do a before and after thing. I think it would be rather time consuming but worth it in the end.

Finish all content currently available including hard modes. I know this is probably a loosing battle but at least it is a goal. Besides having a Mimi head would be pretty pro.

I think having a toon every class a goblin could be at 80 would be great. This way I could choose exactly which one is going to be my main without having to start from scratch.

Collect enough Runecloth so that I can become exalted with the goblins ASAP and get me one of those sweet rides. Don't lie I know you are thinking about doing this as well. Who doesn't want to drive a racecar?

Catch up on Lore to see what Deathwing is all about. I see about you talk about him all the time as well as others. The guy seems like a complete badass, would be awesome to know why.

Get a new computer that will actually be able to play the game...

That is it for this week. Also I have thought about collecting runecloth for just that purpose. I am just not sure if Blizzard is going to allow such a turn in. Of course I thought the same thing for Silivermoon and collect the cloth anyway only to learn that I would not be able to ride a chocobo. Of course now everyone can ride anything so this wouldn't be a problem. Anyways, enjoy your weekend!


  1. xpac going to be hard on computers?


  2. @Boggle

    You seen the screen shots just take a look