Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Victoria Day!

Victoria Day you say? Learn to be Canadian people! So what is Victoria Day? Well it is a holiday which was created to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday and the current sovereign's birthday. It is now also known now as the official kick off to the Summer season. All around the country it is a day worth celebrating. All the winter type stuff closes up and it is time to get down to the summer stuff. It is always a good way to celebrate with fireworks and of course the drink of choice being something from a "two-four". That would be Canadian slang for a 24 pack of beer.

So what does this have to do with WoW? Well the kickoff to the summer season is a big deal. Reminds us of all the holidays players will have coming up. The breaks people will want to take along with the mass recruitment that generally happens. Many players now have the opportunity to play more so many will be looking for new guilds trying to get more out of their game time. Also it is a time where many players can suffer a burnout because there is many more things to be aware of and do.

So I guess it acts as a warning to be prepared for what is to come. But sit back enjoy yourself and relax for a day, because tomorrow is when the fun will begin and you will have plenty to deal with.


  1. I have been where that shot is taken! At least I think I have.


  2. So this is the day you put your toques (Did I spell that correctly? I know what it is.) and your woolies up for the next 3 months?

    Lovely shot, too.


  3. @ Gimmlette

    It is spelt tuque and for me at least be away for a bit. Shot is taken in Down Town Toronto always thought it was a nice one.