Thursday, May 20, 2010

Account Hackers

So like anyone who plays WoW I can name a bunch of people I know who have gotten hacked. They may have got hacked in a variety of ways. Go to websites they shouldn't have, guild website was logged, bugged addon, keyloggers, bought gold, or even responded to an email they shouldn't have. Now I don't think I have ever heard of someone who has been hacked because they believed one of those whispers everyone is sent in game. Why? Well I think you all know the English is absolutely horrible and even someone who only speaks broken English can obviously tell it is fake. Think for a second, if the language made sense would you think twice about it? Now I would tend to argue many would. Regardless, you might pick up on the name and clue in to the fact that why wouldn't Blizzard just cut off your account. The point being some people are idiots, but even idiots can tell when someone cannot speak English.

So what is this all about? Well I fear for the day that these account hackers learn how to at least type sentences that make a moderate amount of sense. Also this brings me to the point that, they should know this. They should know that you could basically fool 50% of the WoW population by typing in a form of English that at least that 50% would see as correct enough. They would of course get the result they were in fact looking for.

Guess I just gave a pro tip to the hackers. Long weekend starts tomorrow!


  1. Look at Gauss helping people out, even the hackers what a nice guy LOL


  2. Well even hackers need help sometime

  3. I believe Blizzard should have a quest chain or the ability to pay them a nominal sum, akin to buying the horse or the pets, and you get the honour of being able to kill, on sight, these game hackers. I have long wanted to one shot someone named "djghezxlly" standing in Stormwind ordering us to buy gold from them.

    And those flash mobs that come in and die while spelling out some dot com site. What if we could shoot them as they run into the city? While it wouldn't shut them down, man, it would make me feel much better than just clicking "report spam".

    One of the guys in SD likes to try to sell them herbal viagra when they spam him. We always make fun of them in guild chat. First of all, it's fun to do and secondly, I actually had a person, formerly in SD, who went to the web site when they were told they won a mount. Yes, she was hacked within an hour of logging off and the guild bank was pillaged. That time we got everything back.

    I have kids in the guild who have asked in chat about the whispers. We always explain what the whispers are and tell them how to report the name. We figure if we make fun of the whisper in guild chat, someone who is too afraid to ask "What is this" gets the message that this is evil.

    This is what the hackers count on, the few people who are just confused enough to believe it. They are out there.

    As it's that time of year to consider home remodeling projects, I think I'll sell them siding and windows. No! Wait! How about a bridge? There's a lovely one in western Durotar.