Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Female Worgens

Since Blizzcon people have been wondering what the female worgen model was going to look like. Since all the shots were of male worgens. We saw of course male and female goblins so why such the wait? It was obvious to me Blizzard was holding back for a reason. My guess was they wanted to get the "feral" look but as well as something that was I guess "not bad" or "pretty" to look at since of course it was female, and well alliance. Blizzard has this thing that all alliance races have to be "pretty". You could argue that that the Draenei are not, but I would argue otherwise. From the description of Draenei in every Warcraft novel they were "prettied" up. I am sure it was on purpose to make them more "playable" by the people who want to play toons that are "pretty". Did I really say "pretty" that many times.

Blood Elves aside who were overdone to the point of it is even being part of the jokes Blizzard has put in the game. The question should be "why is this so important to people?" This is a game of fiction and fantasy and is unneeded. All I can think of could it possibly increase the player base? Because people don't want to play a game where everything is "ugly" to look at? This of course could be done with architecture, and not the characters, but hey that is just my opinion.

Oh ya this post was supposed to be about Female worgens. I would just like to say I dislike the model for the very point stated above. It is too "pretty" for me. You be the judge.

That is it for today. Insert grandma's house joke here _____. Reminder that tomorrow is the last day to get in your quest likes and dislikes and of course the stories along with them.


  1. i'd agree it is a werewolf dammit that crap doesn't scare me. And ya the bottom one makes me think of Little Red Riding Hood at grandma's house.


  2. Boobs and a waist that rivals that 'thing' on that one load-in screen. You all know which one I'm talking about. She cannot walk upright, given her on-screen dimensions.

    They did just fine with tauren. The females are female, but still cows. This is a human female body with worgen hands and a smooth face. I've seen those faces before. They are on china dolls at craft shows.

    That's fine. I wasn't going to make a worgen anyway. Dwarf shaman here I come.


  3. They look like a reskin of a draenei

  4. Wow, I didn't know Worgen's would have such great tits.