Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Deathwing Model?

Well this photo here was leaked yesterday.

Well first off being Deathwing, I like the model for the most part. Now I know this may not even be a real photo, but it does resemble the sneak peak photos we have seen released. For those of you unfamiliar with Warcraft Lore Deathwing, the Destroyer, former known as Neltharion, the Earth Warder let's do a quick bio. He is utterly insane, he hates everyone and wants anyone besides his own flight to die. He makes Arthas look like a puppy dog. He dwarfs everyone which is why I don't like the size of this model. He is supposed to be larger than Alexstraza and Nozdormu. He is also supposed to have his own suit of armor, which was welded to him. Like I said he is insane. Maybe with how viewed out this shot is you can't see the breastplate, and for this I can only hope. Other than that I enjoy the model, what do you all think?

One thing seeing this screen makes me think is when the Cataclysm event comes will we have interaction with Deathwing? Will he be attacking the cities directly? It is about time someone caused some real shit.


  1. Looks pretty big to me...


  2. model looks ok to me but I agree he should be bigger.
    As far as the model itself is concerned, it's too early imo to consider it the final product.
    It could be the early model they have in just so they have something to play with.
    As far as him terrorizing cities and whatnot, we have no real idea what the circumstances are with the pic showing him in SW.
    It could be part of w/e event they will plan.
    Or it could simply be the spot where whoever leaked this decided to spawn DW.

    We can try to guess how/why/what he's doing outside SW, but hey who cares right? Ally suck =p

  3. I like it, and I could take me...

  4. @Anonymous

    I agree I don't care why he is in SW. Kill them all!

  5. Hell, Spawn DW in Bagellord Land (aka Silvermoon)

  6. I would like to see Deathwing be unkillable for at least a year. Let him be a thorn in our sides. Let us approach him but get turned back.

    In BC, Illidian taunted us, "You are not ready." We came, we saw, we killed. The Lich King turned out to be everywhere and more in Icecrown, taunting us. But it wasn't that far into the expansion and we were knocking at his door.

    Now we have the potential for a boss of major proportions. He is changing the very face of life as we have come to know it over 6 years. I don't want to be able to face him within 9 months of this expansion being live. I want him to taunt me. I want him to burn Stormwind in an act of revenge for Wrynn killing Onyxia. I want us to have to band together to save a city from destruction. Maybe not joint faction attempts. The way things are set up, I can't see a reason for the factions to band together to save a capital city, but there's no reason we can't organize 40+ defensive raids within the city as we do when there's a leader run.

    Even if Deathwing's ultimate visage is not what we see above, I am heartened that this is going to be a truly epic encounter. Bring him on! I may be crunchy and good with ketchup but I'm ready.


  7. well the scale that blizzard posted said he would be 2 times that size the human was the size of that ones claw