Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You Fail At SimCity If...

Happy Fail Day everyone! Yes it is Tuesday once again, so what does that mean? Well it is time to make you feel better because of someone else's misfortune. Unless, of course, it is your misfortune.  If that is the case we thank you for allowing us to feel slightly better. This week I decided to go with SimCity. Why? Well why not? I have been playing it, and playing it rather well so deal with it.

You Fail At SimCity If...

  • When you place a building you add every single module and wonder how it is you are losing money per hour
  • You place water pumps over polluted water
  • You put water pumps where there is no water
  • You put coal, ore, or oil drilling operations where there is no such resources
  • Your city goes bankrupt
  • You build a grade or high school and forget to put down bus stops
  • You forgot to connect your ferry to the roads
  • Your only good cities are in sandbox mode
  • You think the achievement of getting 100,000 people is actually worth an achievement
  • You are one of the those people who complains about it always being online
  • You place a casino and then proceed to complain about crime
  • You scream at the game for traffic being horrible, but you are the one who made a city with 20 intersections within 1km
  • You try to kill homeless people with disasters
  • You are one of those people emailing me telling me to play Cities XL
and finally
  • If this happens

    May all your cities be radiation free....


  1. nuclear fallout can be fun no?

  2. too bad you can't kill homeless people

  3. Need bigger maps then I will play