Thursday, June 13, 2013

Open Challenge

Simcity. Who plays it? Well if you don't you should it is actually pretty fun. Sure it has a few bugs which are rather bothersome. Repeating sounds every so often, lost mouse cursors, and so on. It is an EA game you learn to accept things not being perfect. Anyways, my point is I am issuing a challenge to all Simcity players. You see I have this region

Yes you are seeing that correctly I named all my cities off of Final Fantasy City names. Your jealous you didn't think about that. Also you may have noticed I am #1 on the global Leader board for population. Yes that happened and is currently happening. Think you can do it? Think it is easy? Then prove it. This is an open challenge Join me on the North America East 1 server and prove it. Also feel free to take a look around my cities and see how I did it.

If you do manage to pass my region take a screenshot just like myself and send it to me. I will feature you here on the blog for doing so and we will do our own region together in an effort to top another one of the categories, which I will write about from time to time here on the blog. Before any of you ask, yes you can have friends with you in the region and the same rules and such will apply. So do any of you have what it takes to beat Gauss himself? I am waiting to see you Fail...


  1. Wow nice. Quite impressive.

  2. over 2,000,000 lead on 2nd. That is pretty amazing

  3. Challenge accepted it's on

  4. How is this going? Anyone pass him?

    1. Not even close over 8.1M currently. Still 5.3 for second