Thursday, June 20, 2013

Legend of the Dragoon

So a couple months ago I noticed one of the favourite playstation games was finally on PSN. You see many of you know about the games I enjoy. Hell I talk about them a lot, I quote them. One of my favourite quotes in any video game comes from Legend of the Dragoon.

"Those who flaunt their power disappear when the truly powerful appear."

I love this quote because it doesn't apply only to the game itself as it can apply to anything if it is reworded. Anyways back to the game. You see when I saw this on PSN I had to get it. Sure it is a first generation Playstation game so some of you younger people will find the graphics unplayable. Games are not all about graphics though. Although I believe this is one of the first rpgs to actually have voice acting. This game had a great story and characters which were well developed and had connections. Sure there was some old school RPG cheese in it, but that is to be expect from this era of games. I remember countless hours of play in this game when I was in high school leveling up each characters additions. Also remember this was back when RPGs had a much steeper difficulty curve. Something I have always enjoyed in any game rather than the linear type difficult of modern games. 

Also this game had one of the most interesting turn based systems I still have ever encountered. It revolved upon you being able to complete additions, which were really combination moves with your auto attacks. Over time you got better at or you really had no chance of getting anywhere in the game. Word of warning though when playing this game on a PS3 you realize that the modern controllers have much quicker response time then they did take in the PS1 days. So truly it makes completing the attacks harder than it ever was.

Really though what is there not to love about an RPG with dragons, magic, the end of the world all tied into a love story.  If that is not enough to convince  you to spend what I believe was $9.99 the main character Dart looks epic in this picture.

Worth your time you can say thanks to me after you play it.


  1. Love this game had no idea it was on PSN now

  2. awesome game. Dialogue is a little forced at times, but like you said that is the older style. Best thing is the difficulty of some of the bosses especially the divine dragon and the optional boss

  3. Great game. Always enjoy replaying it