Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Return

So before I start writing this, I know what you all are thinking. Where did I go? Stopped writing without warning didn't answer any emails like WTF GAUSS???. Many of you thought I was dead. Not kidding. In fact I was even linked to a series of blog posts about how that must be the case. So before I write about anything I believe I owe you all an explanation.

Warning:If you have the attention span of gnat or tend to curl up in the fetal position and cry when you have to read too much or could careless about an explanation. Scroll down. You will know when to start reading again I made it rather obvious

When I started this blog it was a blog about my adventures in World of Warcraft. I wrote about anything on my mind WoW related. Sometimes funny, sometimes completely meaningless, somethings insulting, and sometimes frankly I had no idea what I was writing about it the words just ended up on the page. For some reason or another you all enjoyed it. No matter what it may have been. I started getting requests on a massive scale and I did my best to make people's visions come to life. The blog evolved and I had specific days people would look forward to for a particular post. Fail Day being the most recognizable and popular of them all. The best part of all of this is I enjoyed writing them all. No matter how hard at times it was to write something I think you all would enjoy or that I thought had enough of "Gauss" to make it worth reading.

As time went on I started writing about other things and not just WoW. No one complained and I thought for the most part everyone just enjoyed reading what I had written(no matter how poorly) regardless of the topic,but  I never forgot how it all got started or where most of my readership came from.

Over the last few months before I stopped writing I stopped playing WoW. Not because I didn't enjoy the game, but because I wasn't playing it how I wanted to. You see when I game I commit to it, and want to play at the highest level possible. I didn't have the time myself to commit to leading a guild and raid leading like I used to. My progress slipped and I wasn't happy and I knew I could never be happy playing WoW causally.

I did though continue to write, but I got to the point where I felt as if it wasn't right for me to go on writing especially about WoW when I didn't play the game anymore. That is not to say I wasn't informed, far from it really, but I was an outsider. It felt like I was betraying part of my readership, the ones who were there from the start. So I stopped writing cold turkey without even thinking. I wrote a posts explaining why, but never posted them no excuse really. It felt even more worse as time went by and reading the countless emails I received asking "what happened?". Yes, I did read every single one. Sadly, I didn't reply because I knew all of you would convince me otherwise.

But I came to that realization myself. I enjoy writing this blog no matter how awful I am at actually putting words together. I still have an opinion about everything, and I still have no problem at calling people out for being that special kind of stupid. So I am back to put those Adventures of mine into words. So this world that has existed without Gauss' Adventures?

So there is that long winded explanation, which some of you may have actually read. So what will I be posting about then? Who the hell knows. I still know more about Warcraft Lore then Red Shirt Guy, still spend too much time playing video games, and of course have a soft spot in my heart idiots of all shapes and sizes. So no worries there will be plenty of facepalms, spitting out of your drink, and aloe vera needed for a long time.

Before I forget and anyone asks Machinima Mondays, Fail Day, Ask Gauss, and the Reader Posts will all be returning. I have also updated the look of the blog because I can and that includes the sidebar which includes how to get in touch with me among other things.


  1. All is forgiven Gauss. Just glad to have you back. actually refreshing coming here and only seeing the hipster video

  2. "If you have the attention span of gnat or tend to curl up in the fetal position and cry when you have to read too much or could careless about an explanation" oh how I have missed this LOL.

  3. Good now come back to WoW so i can restart my account lol welcome back

  4. /thanks /cheer /hug /dance

  5. is this real life? Excuse me while i dance like no one is watching, which sadly is actually true :(

    1. Could always do it outside if you want to be watched

  6. OMG Fail Day I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!