Monday, June 10, 2013

Carbot's Latest

Monday Morning the bane of the human races existence. Also Game of Thrones finale last night. How awesome was that? Like seriously? For all you people who don't watch Game of Thrones, what's wrong with you? Like seriously? Should get yourself checked you have a problem. Got sidetracked forgot where I was going with this whole thing. Why do I write like I talk, and why have I not erased this yet, because it is Monday and the backspace key is too far away. So /focus. Ok Monday, meaning  Machinima Monday. For those of you who forget or those who are new. I like to take a random gaming machinima or animation and share it. Why? Because it is Monday and if you were actually doing work you wouldn't be here reading my mindless babbling.

So if you play Starcraft or have ever heard of Starcraft and have never heard of Carbot Animations then I truly feel sorry for you. He is an animator who has created a series known as "Starcrafts" which is a spoof of the game of Starcraft. I know pretty difficult to connect the two of them. Tons of inside jokes and random cute drawings of vicious aliens. What is there not to love? Anyways, he has a new episode every Saturday you should really watch them all if you haven't and if you just missed this passed Saturday's well here it is

I know it was awesome. Too bad the rest of your day won't be.


  1. haha how have I never seen this before that was amazing.

  2. I concur Carbot is awesome