Tuesday, June 11, 2013

You Fail At Quitting Blogging If...

So here we go the first Tuesday back and how could I not give you all a Fail Day. Oh the day where we poke fun at all the random idiotic things you may encounter. Don't these moments deserve a laugh? Course they do. It is perfectly ok to point and laugh at someone. Sometimes it is better to only do so if you can run quicker than them, but hey lessons learned. Sometimes though when it is yourself, well we all get a kick out of making fun of ourselves don't we?. So at my own expense here goes.

You Fail at Quitting Blogging If...

  • You maintain your blog as your browsers homepage
  • You still read everyone one of your fan mail
  • You were still interested in your weekly page view stats
  • You never took the blog down
  • Whenever you witnessed something classified as "a special kind of stupid"  you started to create the beginnings of the post in your head
  • You kept writing
  • You still took notes while gaming
  • You kept telling people you need at least 10 reasons for people to Fail at that
  • You never stopped reviewing machinima
  • You still find ways to compare people to Bagellord
  • You miss your own Bagellord references
  • You feel dirty for all your internal rage that against Ret Pallys that hasn't been able to find an escape
  • For some twisted reason you missed comments and pictures about turtles
  • You contemplated buying an Xbox
and finally
  • You couldn't pass up the opportunity to make this meme

Yes I went there...